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Eco-Friendly And Modest Giveaways For Nonprofits

Nonprofits are intentional about ensuring that every penny committed to them is well spent. This explains why they attempt to get items that are not only budget-friendly, but that will stand the test of time. This is about the first unspoken rule – making the giveaway receiver-centered – when doing a charitable cause.

More so, it would be valuable to devote yourself to acquiring eco-friendly giveaways for beneficiaries.

At least, they will play their part in reducing the carbon footprint with the eco-space by so doing. Following this, I have elected to shed light on some budget-friendly and eco-friendly giveaways you should consider as a non-profit operator.


Wearables come in different forms, sizes, and designs, and you can consider having a set to pass the message about your non-profit organization to the audience. For one, you can have your logo printed on the t-shirt that will be given out to donors or maybe your volunteers during a fundraising campaign.

But it doesn’t have to be t-shirts all the time, as you can go with caps, socks, scarves, wristbands, lanyards, headbands, and so on.

The idea is to have an item with your logo boldly displayed for curious or potential donors to see. Plus, it should be something that can be used or worn over and again.

That said, you should understand that the prices of these wearables vary, so you should be careful to select only the budget-friendly ones. Nevertheless, you may decide to present donors who have been with you for a while with noteworthy eco-friendly wearables.

Reusable Steel Water Bottles And Cups

The beauty of an eco-friendly giveaway or product lies in the material it is made of. It’s primarily about having items that are not easily disposable.

This is why an item like a steel water bottle or cup will suffice as you consider presenting your partners with a gift. They can easily refill the container – be it a cup or water bottle – when need be and keep it as a prized possession.

These bottles and cups are convenient to carry around – to workplaces, schools, etc. With this sort of giveaway, you will encourage the receiver to embrace a healthier lifestyle by regularly taking water.

Reusable Lunch Bags

Individuals are becoming more conscious of what they eat, which informs the need to have their meals prepared to certain specifications. Eating out in a restaurant may not just cut it for this group as they watch their calorie consumption.

Hence, having a lunch bag at hand can be very helpful and a motivating factor in making them imbibe the habit of going to work – for instance – with their homemade meals.

In line with this, you can give out a lunch bag that can be reused for this purpose. You can get a simple one designed with your brand elements on it at a reasonable or low cost.

There are yet other stylish and customizable lunch bag options for you. You should be mindful to pick one with insulated compartments to help keep food warm.


Eco-Friendly Utensils

Eco-friendly utensils are also worth considering as a giveaway for non-profits. You don’t have to break the bank to get and have a set of these utensils designed with your logo. They will further propagate your promotional messages and put your organization in the face of others (potential donors) who may see them.

These utensils are not always manufactured from steel; some have been made from bamboo and are usually quite attractive. With such an option, you don’t have to keep going with plastic utensils that will ultimately add to the carbon footprint load.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Eco-friendly yoga mats will be a fantastic option for donors that love practicing yoga. You can help them do away with mats made from polyvinyl chloride by providing them with ones produced using naturally sustainable materials. Some of these materials include recyclable natural rubber, tree bark, natural jute, and so on.

There are mats made from a mix of the aforementioned materials, with 100% biodegradability. They will not contribute any form of toxic waste to the environment as the receiver uses one to ease off stress – while practicing yoga.

Health Essentials

Whatever advances health will consequently improve well-being, and there is no better way to do this than with eco-friendly items. This is where we herald the need for eco-friendly health essentials in your list of giveaways as a non-profit. You can invest in a bulk of facemasks that are reusable or get sanitizers contained in recyclable plastic bottles.

Besides these, you can buy hairbrushes, toothbrushes, etc., made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo and present them to your donors. Some health/beauty in reusable containers may also suffice in this regard. You should, however, not forget to have your brand elements on the health essentials that will be given out.


Bicycles are not a regular giveaway for non-profits, but you can still use one as an eco-friendly giveaway. With this, the receiver will not have to keep burning fuel and releasing emissions into the environment. You can check out some budget-friendly bicycles at the store and identify a worthy donor to give one to.

You may not even need to buy one outrightly. You can simply communicate with your partners to drop their old – but still functional – bicycles for the cause. Such donations can be rebranded to carry your logo, with a message to encourage the receiver to jump on the trend – the drive to build an environmentally sustainable space.


The journey to being environmentally responsible goes beyond words alone; it takes action. And, as a non-profit, you can do your bit by extending eco-friendly giveaways to your donors and volunteers. While at it, you should be mindful not to place your finances under pressure by going for high-end items.

As earlier emphasized, there are a host of budget-friendly items made from eco-friendly materials that people will appreciate. Additionally, you can always put up messages or posts in relation to the intention of giving out such gifts.