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6 Gifts for the Interior Design-Lovers in Your Life

Whether you're gearing up for holiday shopping, a gift for a birthday or housewarming, or are shopping "just because," finding gifts for lovers of interior design can feel overwhelming. There are so many fantastic items to choose from that it can be difficult to pick the right one. For all the inspiration you need from washable rugs to a blanket ladder, read on for the best gift ideas.

Shopping Tips to Consider

Before you start shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind. Lovers of interior design tend to have a defined style they choose to decorate their homes. To deliver a gift that they'll be sure to love, make sure you have a keen understanding of their taste. Next time you visit them, take a look around. Note what color schemes they use, what home style they lean towards, and what they could need to make it even better. As long as you keep their style and likes in mind, you'll do well in finding the right gift.

1. Ornate Vases or Bowls

Vases and bowls make perfect decorative pieces for any household. They look nice placed on bookshelves, end tables, coffee tables, and more. Search for ornate pieces that match the style of your loved one's home to blend seamlessly with their current decor. Consider how the receiver will use the item as well. Will it sit empty as a sole decorative piece or will it be used to hold flowers or decorative items? The intended use will help you determine which item will work best.

2. Washable Rugs

Rugs are a beautiful way to add comfort and warmth to a room (as well as protect the floor underneath). Washable rugs are the best rug gift as they have low-maintenance upkeep so you're not putting an undue burden on the receiver with a gift they'll need to meticulously clean. Washable rugs are a great gift for an interior design lover who has pets or kids. They may need to make some sacrifices in their love of decor to prevent damage from the sometimes chaotic nature of pets and kids. Washable rugs are the perfect blend for this person as they hold gorgeous design quality while being completely functional.

3. Personalized Serving Board

For a gift that's personalized, a wooden serving board is a wonderful choice. Common designs feature the family name or an image of the exterior of the home. The possibilities are endless. Choose a design they would love. This type of board looks great displayed in a kitchen and can function well for parties. It's a stylish way to serve charcuterie. If your interior design lover also loves hosting, this is the perfect gift for them.

4. Unique Bookends

For the interior design lover who loves to read or display books, unique bookends make a great personal gift. There are so many options to choose from with bookends that you're sure to find a set that matches not only their decor style but their personality. For example, if they're a beach lover with a minimalist home style, white seashell book ends are a cute idea.

5. Blanket Ladder

Blankets are not just for cozying up by the fire or in front of the TV, they also become an essential part of a decor design. In fact, your interior design lover may have plenty of throw blankets to go around with little place to store them. A blanket ladder would make a wonderful and practical gift for them. They can display all of their blankets in the room while keeping them within reach as needed.

6. Stylish Tech Stand

Everyone carries around gadgets of some sort and they all need to be charged eventually. A lover of interior design will want to make this necessity look chic and the best way to do that is with a stylish charging station. This gift blends necessity and style. You might not think of this as the typical gift for an interior design lover but it will be a welcome gift that they will get tons of use out of.


Shopping for interior design gifts can be a lot of fun. Now that you have some unique and functional ideas, you can start looking around. No matter what you end up with, your loved one is going to be incredibly appreciative of you taking their likes and style into consideration to find them the perfect gift for whatever occasion you're shopping for.