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6 Tips to Create a Modern 2022 Living Room

It's the renovation season, and many are preparing to make thorough home changes. If you're considering renovating your living room, you're surely wondering what the latest trends are and what would be best to turn your place into.

Although interior design trends are not shifting as fast as some other industries, and you may say that many try to impose certain rules, the true trends stand for at least a year. The latest trends are deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the change of life for people worldwide.

In this article, we share the six essential things you must know when renovating your home. We will focus on the living room and show you what you must address if you want to see it look spectacular. Keep reading and see what these things are.

1. Switch to more natural light

Since you're probably spending a lot more time at home, you want to feel comfortable and enjoy the natural light in your home instead of turning on the lights to work. You probably noticed how office windows are always oversized and corporate buildings have nothing but windows.

People feel more productive and motivated when they work in broad daylight instead of under the lights. If you're working from home, you want those windows to be big enough and let in enough sunlight inside your home, but the living room will also benefit from it since everyone enjoys sunlight more than artificial lights.

2. Change the furniture

The furniture inside the living room is what makes the living room look. If you want an enjoyable stay inside, you need the right sofa, armchair, and coffee table. If you got them a few years back, these items might be outdated, and it is time for new ones.

When making changes, the best thing to do is choose some designer furniture from Australia because this is the best option. Having items made to your wishes is the best. You get to decide the choice of materials, colors, and everything else, but trusting the company doing it for you is also something to enjoy.

3. Opt for a smart home

Smart homes are the latest residential concept that is growing tremendously. The smart home concept connects the items and appliances in your home to the internet. The user controls them through their smartphone and the internet connection.

Everything from the lights, the TV, and the kitchen appliances may be connected in a single network making it easy to turn them on or off from your smartphone. Smart homes go as far as installing surveillance cameras that monitor the movement of the people inside, protecting their safety.

4. Add plants and make a more natural look

Plants are part of the maximization of the living space. Spending more time at home means you want to have the place looking great. You want to be comfortable inside, so you must feel like you've brought nature to your home.

More plants and natural light will make your living room like it's part of the garden. The greens and the sunlight will make the place enjoyable for everyone living in this home. Guests will be thrilled by your home's appearance when they come over.

5. Vintage goes big in 2022

Vintage is coming back. Look for styles and ideas that were big decades ago and implement them inside your living room. These styles and design ideas will surely incorporate inside your new design perfectly. Whether we're talking about living room items or furniture, an old-fashioned look will be perfect.

If you don't like vintage, you can always switch to something modern or even postmodern. Experiment with the styles you love, but never be afraid to add some items that are not from this era.

6. Implement various colors and styles

The great thing about modern interior designs is that they accept literally anything. You won't be judged if you opt for the minimalistic style, which was a trending style in the last two decades, but you'll be even more praised as a person with a sense of interior design if you opt for a maximalist approach.

That means you can mix everything. Various colors and materials on all items are acceptable. If you love a particular design, don't be afraid to go for it, no matter how judgmental people would've been a couple of years ago. Today, everything's accepted, so just pick your style.


You must know these six points if you want a modern home and a perfect living room in 2022. Choose your style, no matter what it is, and go with it. Invite nature into your home, and mix technology with vintage. That's how you get the ideal look for your home and living room.