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How the Media is Changing the Way We View Alternative Romantic Relationships

The traditional society offers a relationship menu with only one option on it. When it comes to the kinds of romantic relationships you are allowed to have, it often comes down to heterosexual romantic relationships. Usually, it comes with the expectation of having children in the future.

However, everyone wants to fall in love with a very special person, and they do not always meet societal expectations. Alternative relationship options include polyamory, swinging, and queer relationships.

The media is doing a great job of highlighting alternative romantic relationships. It is changing the way we view them. Here are a few movies and shows that highlight alternative romantic relationships.

The L Word

This trailblazing TV series is indescribable. The L Word, which ran from 2004 to 2009, gave the whole world a contemporary look into lesbian existence.

If the show's nuanced portrayal of lesbian society isn't enough to convince you to watch it, the promise of sensual sex scenes might. The show keeps you glued to the screen right from the first episode, where Tina and Bette hook up to the end. If you are interested in similar movies, here is a list that has something for everyone.

Hold the Man

This 2015 movie r highlights the romance between a high school theater student and a stereotypical jock. It is based on Australian actor Timothy Conigrave’s memoir.

In a particular sex scene, they try anal intercourse for the first time. It is one scene that gives some insight into anal sex and its complexities.

To ensure the recipient partner is comfortable, anal sex necessitates some degree of coordination with a partner. Things can get uncomfortable fast. This is one of the most realistic moments in the film. In addition, there are many fantastic turn-ons.

Below Her Mouth

This is a pretty sexy LGBTQ movie. The sex scenes are drawn out and memorable. Nothing is rushed. Instead, it guides you through the first moments of physical contact, foreplay, and, finally, intercourse. If you are new in the world of Sapphic sex, it can be some sort of roadmap.

Your senses will be drawn to both the heat and the intense connection between the women as there is no urgency to finish. There is a strong sensation when emotions are mixed with a protracted sexual encounter.

People You May Know

You know how every guy in porn seems to have tremendous endurance and manages to last the entire 23-minute video? Well, as you may be aware, that kind of sexual occurrence is unusual in real life.

A scene in this 2016 comedy-drama features a guy going limp as another person is riding him. They never finished—something that has probably happened to all of us more frequently than we'd like to acknowledge. The movie People You May Know may not be the sexiest in the traditional sense, but it is immensely relevant and even a little bit erotic.

A Change Of Seasons

In this comedy/drama, a marriage takes an unexpected turn when the husband falls in love with a younger, sexy woman. It gets even more interesting when his wife takes on a young lover of her own.

When Adam, the husband, finds out about his wife's new relationship, he is furious. However, she argues her right to partake in the same sensual pleasures as he does.

The four decide to live together in a ski lodge in Vermont, where their attempts to act like liberal adults are put to the test by the unexpected arrival of teenager Kasey Evans to confront her parents about their outrageous behavior.

We are taught from childhood that there is only one proper course of action for romantic relationships: meet someone, date, live together, get married, have children, and remain as a couple till death do you part.

However, there are various ways to have personal relationships. While it can be difficult to envision the alternatives, the media is doing an excellent job of showing you. There are plenty of movies, shows, and music that highlight alternative romantic relationships.