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5 Ideas To Improve Your Arts & Crafts Online Shop

If selling your arts and crafts online is a dream, you've probably already worked out a few things yourself. The best way to sell your creations is to focus on what you do well. This will be your niche. Customers are more likely to come to you if you become a master in your specialized niche rather than a jack of all trades dabbling in a variety of skills at the same time.

A little research work can help you identify the right platform for your creations and how to build a professional presence. Perhaps, your online shop has been established for a while, and you're looking at ways to bring it to the next level. Here are 5 ideas for you:

#1. Improve your digital marketing knowledge

There is a lot of content and free material available to help you learn the basics of SEO. You appreciate the role of SEO in driving new visitors to your site. But do you really understand how to align your online activities behind the same goal? It is worth exploring Search Digital Marketing Masters degrees online to gain a better understanding of how social media, content, SEO, and analytics hang together.

#2. Find a social media influencer

Social media influencers are online celebrities who naturally introduce your products to their follower base. You don't need to break the bank to find someone who will be suitable for your target audience. Micro-influencers offer a great service for small brands. The options are endless: You could send the influencer one of your creations in exchange for an Instagram post, or you could reach out to local bloggers with a discount voucher or a gift.

#3. Show behind the process behind the scenes

Show your customers how you make your creations. Behind-the-scenes videos are a popular addition to your social media pack. You can share them on YouTube, Instagram, or Tiktok, depending on the length.

What makes a great behind-the-scenes video?

  • Time-lapse photos put together in a video
  • Material sourcing and concept
  • Overcoming challenges, such as fixing something that is broken
  • Raw footage of your work

#4. Add a physical location

Adding a physical store to your online business can be a game-changer. Google prioritizes location in search results. Placing your store on Google Maps, using the Google My Business platform, will make you more visible to local customers.

Additionally, it can also support your ranking position for non-local searches.

#5. Add merchandising

A t-shirt with a quirky design or a tote bag with a picture of your work can be a great addition to your online shop. Merchandising your personal brand is a fantastic way of turning happy customers into advocates, and you can increase brand reach, awareness, and even support.

Besides, a merch store is also a substantial source of revenue to support your arts and crafts venture. Bonus: It doesn't require any hard work as most items can be customized with your design by a specialist company.

In conclusion, growing your arts and crafts online shops requires commitment both in time and money. There is no denying that growth doesn't happen without effort. However, it can be a rewarding project that further spreads awareness of your creations.