How To Welcome New Neighbors Into Your Neighborhood

by - September 01, 2021

Purchasing a home in a new neighborhood can be an exciting chapter in someone’s life, but can be made even better with a welcoming community. Taking the time to welcome new neighbors next door not only can positively affect the beginning of their homeowner journey but can also improve the comradery of your neighborhood.

Making a welcome basket is a great way to connect to your new neighbors and be a good neighbor. Add in a welcome letter that allows you to fill in your contact information for emergencies and your go-to local favorites for them to try out! 

New Neighbor Welcome Basket Ideas

Here are 5 new neighbor welcome basket ideas that will be sure to make your new neighbors feel more comfortable in their new home!

  1. Pick up a gift card to your favorite local restaurant for them to try out once they have settled in their new home.
  2. If you see a puppy or two moved in as well, cook up a batch of homemade dog treats to drop at their door.
  3. Celebrate their big accomplishment with a nice bottle of bubbly.
  4. If you noticed they have little ones, gather some fun activities like sidewalk chalk and bubble wands to play with while unpacking boxes.
  5. A lovely bouquet of fresh flowers for them to display in their new home can never go wrong!

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