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Give Your Laundry Room a Makeover

To make your house feel more like a home by giving it a makeover can make it more inviting and comfortable. Our surroundings influence us more than we realize, and upgrading your house with a makeover can be fun to do and maximize your space, so don't forget about the laundry room! Renovating your laundry room, or just adding some special elements can positively impact household chores and make doing laundry more enjoyable and efficient.

Whether you want to do a full renovation or get some budget friendly ideas to upgrade your laundry room, here are some tips for every budget:

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter can make doing laundry less efficient. Start by tackling the mess by getting rid of nonessentials and putting everything in its place. Throw away any empty packaging and get some new containers. To make it more organized, get storage shelf units, so you can store your laundry materials, as well as your clothes and towels.

Add Extra Lighting

A well-lit room can make the room more relaxing and inviting. Adding better lighting can also change the mood in your laundry room and make laundry more enjoyable. So add some decorative lighting to your laundry room, such as lanterns and fairy lights.

Install a Sink

If you have the budget and are willing to do some extra work, consider adding a sink to your laundry room. The sink will make it more convenient when doing laundry by making cleaning stains, treating fabric or just washing products off of your hands easier.

Apart from sinks, you can also help the environment by opting to choose water-efficient laundry taps. There are Chrome Laundry Taps that can save you money and time in using the laundry plus it makes the sink area clean and neat.

Hang wall art

If you want to give your laundry room an extra pop, hanging a useful wall art can not only make it look nicer but also make your life easier. Adding a laundry cheat sheet will help with directions on how to wash your clothes and make doing laundry more easier.

Ready to make chores more fun and do a laundry room makeover? If you are looking for even more tips, you can check out HomeAdvisor's guide on Laundry Room Makeover.