3 Tips For Hiring Your First Lawyer

by - February 01, 2021

If you are in a situation where you need to hire a lawyer, it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Nobody enjoys the legal process, and whatever it is you’re going through, you’d probably rather do without it, right?

Nevertheless, it is the case in many people’s lives when, at some point, they need to be represented by a lawyer. These might be personal injury lawyers if they have been injured at work; a divorce lawyer; a criminal lawyer or another attorney who will help you, one way or another, to achieve your aims.

If you are nervous about hiring a lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 tips for hiring your first lawyer!

Be As Transparent As Possible

No matter the reason you are hiring your lawyer, it is important to be as transparent as humanly possible with them. There is no point in concealing elements of the truth, or point-blank lying, to a lawyer. Firstly, because it will only serve to hurt your case in any instance; secondly, because they are likely to see through you.

Even if there are embarrassing details to your case, your lawyer needs to know about them. Otherwise, your lawyer could be blindsided by these details down the line, making everything more difficult. Make sure to lay everything out clearly for them, otherwise you won’t be getting what you’re paying them for!

Ask For A Fee Statement Right Away

There’s nothing worse than getting things mixed up and realising you can’t afford something you have already commissioned. When it comes to hiring a lawyer, just get the awkward part out of the way and ask for a fee statement right away. This is where your lawyer will break down how much they charge, how their rates are totaled, and their estimation for your case.

Don’t be afraid at all to ask for more information if your lawyers’ rates are confusing or unclear. It is important to understand how you are paying this person before you agree to work with them.

Ask As Many Questions As You Want

Many people become nervous when they come face to face with a lawyer - even one they’ve hired. Lawyers are presented in TV and film as being intimidating, difficult and misleading people who are going to confuse you with legal jargon. However, in real life, any good lawyer will be down to earth, helpful and not condescending in the slightest.

Once you have hired your lawyer, you are free to ask as many questions as you want. After all, the specifics of your case are likely to be beyond your general knowledge, and it is necessary for you to understand how the case works before you proceed. Don’t be afraid to ask away - your lawyer will be used to it!

Final Thoughts

Hiring a lawyer can be an intimidating process, but try not to worry - with this guide you’ll be off to a great start with the whole legal process.

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