Printables to Welcome Your New Neighbor

by - February 08, 2021

You likely encountered a new neighbor at least once last year thanks to historically low mortgage rates. Unfortunately, as we all socially distanced, many of our new neighbors went without a proper welcome. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to share some love with these newfound acquaintances to make them feel at home in their new abode.

Leaving a simple card with a welcome note in their mailbox is not only free with these printables to welcome your neighbor, but it’ll make their home feel at ease in an intimidating new environment.

Want to go the extra mile? Consider these gifts to make your neighbor feel right at home, then add a gift tag to personalize your peace offering:
  • A bouquet of flowers delivered from a local flower shop will have them feeling refreshed and beautify their interior while they unpack.
  • A gift basket with meats and cheeses are always delicious but double-check for a pre-cut kit.
  • Print these geography worksheets and add a coloring book if you saw they have kids.
  • Bake a dozen homemade cookies.
  • Offer a bottle of bubbly so they can celebrate their new space.
  • Gift a knitting kit so they can work on a new hobby while they’re at home.
  • Share some of your favorite restaurants and coffee shops in the area so they can enjoy these local favorites when things open up.
  • If you noticed they have a furry friend, gifting a dog toy is a sweet sentiment that will go a long way.

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