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Fun Ideas For Creating a Memorable Family Movie Night

The ongoing pandemic and chilly temperatures have caused many of us to spend a lot more time indoors. While it has given us a chance to spend more quality time with our families, it can sometimes be hard to come up with new ideas to keep our kids entertained when we can’t leave the house.

If you’re looking for something fun to do as a family during a night in, try reimagining an old favorite and host a DIY family movie night. You can bring the theater experience to you without breaking the bank and have a lot of fun doing it! Keep reading to discover the best ways to put together a creative movie night the whole family will love.

Create a Custom Snack Bar

No moviegoing experience would be complete without a snack bar! Try creating a custom snack bar and fill it with your family’s favorite sweets and treats. Kids will love picking out their own snacks and drinks before the movie just like they would at a real movie theater.

And the best part? You get to choose what you serve! Spend the day baking sweets and treats with your family, try out new popcorn flavors or think outside the box and incorporate things you wouldn’t find at a normal movie theater concession stand. You can also find Lays paprika chips to add some spice to your snack bar selection! The possibilities are endless!

Create a Comfy Place to Sit as a Family

We all know how uncomfortable movie theater chairs can be. To make your family movie night as cozy and fun as possible, transform your viewing space into a comfortable oasis. Try building a pillow fort for your kids to watch from or simply fill your couch with pillows and blankets to create a cozy nest. If you’re feeling ambitious, buy some squishy bean bag chairs to put on the floor in front of your TV – they’re not just for kids!

Have a Themed Watch Party

Try adding a theme to your movie night to make it even more special for your kids. Choosing a theme to go along with your movie is the perfect opportunity for them to get creative. You can have your family dress up as their favorite characters, make crafts or movie posters to put up around the house or incorporate your theme into your drinks and snacks. For example, you could decorate cupcakes with the colors of the four Hogwarts houses or have your kids practice spells for Harry Potter movie nights.

Your kids will appreciate corsets, tunics, cloaks, and other Renaissance-era clothing if they like stories set in that time period. This will be a fantastic memory for them, especially if they wear it while watching period films.

Make it “Dinner and a Movie”

If your movie night preparations clash with family dinner time, why not combine the two? You can create a menu to go along with your theme or keep it simple and order in. No matter what you choose, your kids are sure to love eating together as a family away from the kitchen table.

Worried about getting food all over your furniture? Try laying an old sheet or table cloth on the floor for an indoor picnic. Simple TV trays work great too!

Create Your Own Movie Tickets

Add realism to the experience by creating custom movie tickets that your kids can show you before starting the movie. You can use this simple ticket generator from Apartment Guide to customize your tickets with the date, time and theme. Simply print them off when you're done. Surprise your kids with their very own ticket before the show or let them look over the templates and choose their favorite.