Jewelry Organizer Clutch [Review]

by - October 02, 2019

Whimsy the Witch (free crochet pattern) with some pink treasures!

Product review time!

(Note: I am NOT affiliated with this company in any way. I am just sharing my honest opinions about my purchases that I think deserve a shout-out!) 

Today, I'll be sharing about Narwey's Travel Jewelry Organizer Case!

I picked this pretty, pink clutch for one of my upcoming trips.  There are other cute colors too, but I picked pink because, well... if you know me, you'll know that this muted pink color is one of my favs!  

When I received this clutch in person, I was surprised at how cute and high-quality it is.  The padded quilted cotton is very soft to the touch, and every detail seems delicate and refined.  The material is so well-made and the cloth is very good quality.  I'm very glad for that, because I intend to use this for a long, long time!

Opened up, it has a couple flaps to add in accessories and jewelry.  There are two ring holders, lots of earring & stud slots, four necklace holders, two clear bracelet pouches, and one extra zipper pocket.  (I think that zippered pouch is especially handy!)

Here's a picture that can show you how big it is!  It's about 6" by 9", so it's a pretty generous size.  Also, it's flat, so it tucks into a suitcase quite nicely!

I'm pretty happy about this clutch overall, because it means I won't have to have any more tangled necklaces and separate jewelry bags around when I'm traveling!  No one likes digging through small jewelry bags in a luggage, and I'm more certain no one likes untangling necklaces.


It's such a feminine, cute look!  Perfect touch to any casual outfit, or even for a sophisticated style too.  I think this makes a lovely holiday or White Elephant Christmas gift for women and girls.  I know my girlfriends would love this.

Anyhow, hope you'll check this cute jewelry case out if you're looking to organize your pretty accessories on the go!  Click here to find the product on Amazon!

Thank you for reading, friends, and hope you have a lovely day!  If you like hearing my opinion on things as a change of pace from my crochet tutorials, you can check out more reviews of mine.


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