Knitted Slouchy Beanie [Review]

by - October 01, 2019

Product review time!

(Note: I am NOT affiliated with this company in any way. I am just sharing my honest opinions about my purchases that I think deserve a shout-out!) 

Today, I'll be sharing about this super warm and cozy knitted beanie!

Slouchy beanies are sooooo in... especially slouchy beanies with big pom-poms!  And guess what I can do with the pom-pom in this hat?  Check out my 15-second video below... 

Isn't it awesome that it's REMOVABLE?  That's just way cool!  

As someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, where winters can get pretty darn frigid, I'm super happy about this cozy hat!  It's stylish, cute, and the dark grey color I got is very versatile.  I can use it to match so many different outfits and colors!  

And guess what, there are lots more colors to pick from if dark grey doesn't float your boat!  There's black, white, beige, red, and even a lighter grey!  

I just love this casual look, and it's ridiculously affordable for being so well-made.  The inside is actually lined with fur and it's not only super soft but warm!  It makes my head feel like it's wrapped in a dream!

Anyhow, hope you'll check this beanie out if you're looking for something warm and cozy for your head.  Click here to find the product on!

Thank you for reading, friends, and hope you have a lovely day!  If you like hearing my opinion on things as a change of pace from my crochet tutorials, you can check out more reviews of mine.  Click here for my Product Reviews!


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