Milemont Memory Foam Pillow [Review]

by - October 01, 2019

Product review time!

(Note: I am NOT affiliated with this company in any way. I am just sharing my honest opinions about my purchases that I think deserve a shout-out!) 

Today, I'll be sharing about this heavenly memory foam pillow!  

I can't tell you how AMAZING this pillow has been for my aches and pains!  Previously, I've been experiencing poor quality of sleep with neck, shoulder, and upper back pains.  It's not fun at all.  I wake up feeling achy and it gets progressively worse during the day.  However, after just one night on this memory foam pillow, I've noticed that it has greatly helped me with pain relief!

Aside from relieving pain, I feel that this pillow provides excellent support and has a great amount of squish to it.  Pressing into it and lifting my hand, I can see how it smoothly bounces back like a quality memory foam material.

I'm just so grateful for this product as it has helped me so much with alleviating pain.  If you're experiencing the same issues, I hope you'll check this pillow out!  Click here to find the product on

Thank you for reading, friends, and hope you have a lovely day!  If you like hearing my opinion on things as a change of pace from my crochet tutorials, you can check out more reviews of mine.  Click here for my Product Reviews!


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