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Easy Tassel DIY & Step-by-Step Tutorial

Aren't tassels such an adorable, finishing feature to add to clothing, jewelry, and accessories?  I think they go well on so many things!  Just to name a few... bags and purses, baskets, earrings, necklaces, keychains, dreamcatchers, wall-hanging decor, and more!


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    The awesome part is, tassels are SO easy to make, SO quick to finish, and SO fun to customize!  You can make them big or small, string on your favorite bead or combination of beads, and use different colors of yarns or threads.

    While there are various methods to make tassels, I'd love to show you my go-to method, which is quick, efficient, and turns out real cute!  It takes only a matter of minutes and just some scraps of yarn or thread.

    Scroll down to check out the written tutorial with photos to accompany each step.  If you keep reading, you'll also see a section of free crochet patterns using tassels, which are great project ideas and inspiration! 

    EASY (No-Hassle!) TASSEL

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    This easy, no-hassle tassel is simple, quick, and fun to make in just a few minutes with scraps of yarn or thread!  The possibilities for customization are endless... You can make them big or small, string on your favorite bead or combination of beads, and use different colors of yarns or threads. 

    These tassels make adorable, finishing touches to add to clothing, jewelry, and accessories.  They go well on bags and purses, baskets, earrings, necklaces, keychains, dreamcatchers, wall-hanging decor, and more!


    Tassel Tutorial with Photos


    1. Find a flat and sturdy object that is as long as you'd like your tassel to be.  For example, if you want your tassel to be around 5" long from top to bottom, find a small book of that size or cut out a piece of sturdy cardboard.  Hold the yarn end at the bottom of the object and then wrap yarn around it as many times as you'd like.  For a thicker tassel, wrap more times.  For a thinner tassel, wrap fewer times.  

    2. Once you think your tassel is about the right thickness, take your scissors and cut the edge where your yarn end is.

    3. Then, cut out a long strand of yarn that will serve as the tassel's hanger.  Use it to tightly tie the yarn bundle's center together.

    4. Gather the ends of the tassel all in one direction.

    5. If you're using beads, string them from the top of the hanger to sit on the head of the tassel.  Tie a little knot at the top of the beads to keep them from sliding away.

    6. Cut another piece of yarn that is about double the tassel's length.

    7. Put it underneath the tassel, like shown in the photo below, and tie a tight knot to keep the tassel head secure.

    8. To hide the yarn ends, take a yarn needle with a yarn end and pull it into the center of the tassel. Do the same with the other end.

    9. Lastly, use scissors to trim the ends of the tassels so that they are even and uniform. You can tie the top of the tassel's hanger together and trim the ends as well.

    Congratulations on finishing! Now you can add your lovely, handmade tassel as an accessory to your favorite bag, purse, or more!

    Video Tutorial

    Would you rather make the tassel along with me? Here's my step-by-step video tutorial!

    Free Crochet Patterns with Tassels

    Below are some projects that would look great with tassels! These are just some ideas... you can easily add tassels to almost anything you want, as long as it makes your heart happy!

    Mercer Market Bag

    I made this jumbo tassel for my Mercer Market Bag. What do you think? Doesn't the tassel and beads add charm to this otherwise, minimalist bag? I personally love the added touch!

    Teardrop Hanging Basket

    Attaching a tassel to the bottom of this hanging basket would look adorable!

    Petite Floral Dreamcatcher

    This sweet dreamcatcher looks great with three tassels on the bottom!

    Floral Mug Rug

    Add some pizzazz to your coaster by attaching tassels to your Floral Mug Rug!

    Daisy Dreams Boho Bag

    This boho bag utilizes lots of tassels to add to its carefree look!

    Lucky Lunar Lantern

    This Chinese New Year lantern gets its symbolic look from the added tassel!

    Mint Spirit Earrings

    These pretty earrings look beautiful with tassels! 

    Or, you can save this tassel tutorial (and market bag pattern) later by pinning it on Pinterest!

    Thanks for reading!  I hope all the photos were helpful.  If you have any feedback or thoughts, feel free to write to me in the comments!  

    Wishing you all a happy time crafting!  

    Much love,