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Celtic Vibes Summer Cardigan (Free Crochet Pattern)

Hello fellow crocheters,

Summer is coming!  I don't know about you, but here in the Pacific Northwest, we've been having a pretty long winter season this year.  There has been an unusually high amount of snow for the area that I live in, resulting in a delayed Spring.  Check out my snowy winter post if you'd like to see a couple of the beautiful photos I've taken of just my community and backyard, transformed into a stunning white wonderland!  There's also a short video of me making a reverse snow angel, and well...as a disclaimer, that one isn't very graceful.

Anyhow, moving on! Summer is coming!! 馃尀馃尭馃尰馃尫馃尲馃尯

Yay for sunshine, warm weather, and a gajillion particles of pollen and cotton spores flying around with the warm breeze! 馃槀

If you've been following my designs, you might recall the Beach Breeze Kimono Top (Free Crochet Pattern) that I recently released.  When I designed this short-sleeved cardigan, it was meant to be a beach cover-up.

Beach Breeze Kimono Top (Free Crochet Pattern)

Well, I'm pretty happy to say that its look is pretty versatile, and you can wear it with a belt for a refreshingly different look!  Here I am wearing one of my favorite, wide waistband belts. 

I just love brown shades for my accessories!
I think the tan looks beautiful paired with a gold buckle.

I bought this belt online quite some time ago, and when searching for it again, I wasn't able to find the exact product.  However, I did come across some similar stretchy waistband belts that have clasps in the front.  Take a look around and you might find something you like!

And uhh.... here's a truckload of more selfies that I took... 馃槄

In all seriousness though, this short-sleeved cardigan really is one of my summer favorites now!  It's light, airy, and soooo soft with Lion Brand's Shawl in a Ball® Yarn.  I also love that it pairs easily with so many different outfits, including maxi dresses (which I just love to wear for comfort)! 

If you'd like to make one too, click the link below!

Or, you can save this pretty crochet later by...
Saving it to your Ravelry queue!

Pinning it on Pinterest! 

Oh, and... I just had to take another selfie with my little Pineapple Pouch (Free Pattern).  I think it's too cute!! 馃崓

Thanks for reading, and happy crafting!!

Stay tuned for more summer-themed patterns coming up!

Much love,