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"Feels Like Bliss" Yarn Review

Hello my fellow yarn lovers! 

I recently got to try out Lion Brand Yarn's Feels like Bliss Yarn, and I'm super eager to write about my experiences with this yarn. I'll also be sharing some projects I've made with it, some pattern suggestions that would look fantastic with it, as well as a brand new pattern I designed with this specialty yarn! 

Color Selection

Firstly, this line of yarn offers a beautiful palette of soft and muted colors. There are 14 different shades total, including neutrals like white, grey, beige, and creams, as well as colored options like pastel blues, yellow, pinks, green, and lavender.  

If you're not sure about a color, wondering how the yarn will stitch up, or simply need small bits of color, I recommend checking out the Feels Like Bliss Yarn Minis for an assorted 7-pack! 

Texture & Feel

I've crocheted with fluffy yarns before, such as the Go For Faux Yarn, but Feels like Bliss is quite unique in its look, feel, and crochet experience!  It's super soft and fuzzy, and it's spun with a modern "chainette" construction, which has a hollow airy core that creates a lightweight and lofty yarn.  It feels silky smooth and oh-so-soft. 

What I love about it is that the texture is not quite *as* fluffy as Go For Faux, so your finished projects have some furriness to them but not overly so.  This allows you to actually see the stitches somewhat, instead of having to crochet blindly! 

Below is a new crochet design I'm working on... a Flying Squirrel Snuggler! (This one's almost completely n-sew; you only need to sew the head onto the body.) Don't you love how furry the yarn makes it look?

It makes this yarn quite suitable for making furry and fluffy amigurumi!  While I love the look of classic amigurumi made in cotton yarns with crisp stitch definition, I also adore how soft and non-crochet-like the plushes come out when using Feels like Bliss. Below is a side-by-side comparison of my free and no-sew Pocket Duck pattern designed in plush yarn, but remade with this furry yarn! Don't you love how different yarns can produce such different looks? 

Pro's in a Nutshell

  • Unique finished results that look furry, like a fabric instead of crocheted. I love how much plushes turn out using this yarn! 
  • Lots of beautiful, muted shades to choose from
  • Feels luxuriously soft to the touch
  • Versatile for various project types outside of amigurumi, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and more 
  • Stitches can easily be frogged (undone) without the yarn breaking 
  • I experienced very little shedding while crocheting. Once finished, touching and petting the finished item has not resulted in any shedding! Yarn is well-put together and I'm impressed by the quality.

Con's in a Nutshell

  • Stitches are not as easily visible as non-furry yarn counterparts. Working with this yarn does take a bit of getting used to, which may slow down the crochet process in the beginning. However, I have to add that I can still count my stitches and see them due to the chainette construction, which is a huge plus (compared to super furry faux fur yarn)!  

What to make Feels like Bliss with...

As you can see with samples of my amigurumi projects above, this yarn works well with toys and stuffies!  However, it's also perfect for cozy projects, such as wearables (think sweaters, cardigans, vests) and accessories (like cowls, scarves, and hats). 

If you're looking for some crochet patterns that are well-suited to be used with Feels like Bliss yarn, feel free to try these patterns below.  You'll love the softness!

Video Yarn Review

Watch my yarn review video to see what I have to say about Feels like Bliss yarn, how it looks like while crocheting, AND get a sneak-peek of my new flying squirrel design that I made using this yarn! 

So, what do you think about the Feels like Bliss Yarn?
Will you give it a shot?
Have you used it and loved it?
Which color(s) stand out to you?
Which projects would you plan to use it with?

I'd love to hear from you!  Please share with me in the comments below.