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10 Interior Designer Secrets to Know Before Designing Your Bedroom

Ever flick through the magazines, see pictures of perfect hotel-like bedrooms and wish you could recreate something similar in your own home? Now you can! There are a few simple tricks that you can easily use to decorate and style your bedroom that will give it a glamorous and luxurious boost with the upmost functionality. These ten secrets will help you design yourself a bedroom that even a professional interior designer would be proud of.

Calming Colors

The bedroom is where you go to wind down, relax and spend some quality you-time. Do some research on color psychology and see which colors promote the feelings you desire when in your bedroom. Pick a palette of light shades and tones for a calming, soothing and restful affect; of if you are after a cozier and comforting mood, deeper and richer hues may be the way to go.


Space Things Out

Before you invest in new furniture, draw up a floor plan and know the size of the space that you are working with. The size of the room will affect the furniture that you buy. In smaller rooms, you need to make sure there is enough space between everything for you to comfortably move around. Whereas in larger rooms, you can use the furniture to fill out any empty spaces. You may even find bedroom sets for rent so you can try out different arrangements with minimal commitment. It will also help you to determine if a particular piece of furniture is necessary or not.

Plenty of Storage

You will never achieve that hotel style bedroom if you haven’t got enough storage space. Cluttered bedrooms will never scream chic elegance or stylish glamour. Having things stored out of sight creates calmness and makes it feel more spacious. You will never spot loose charging cables, strewn make-up or odd pairs of socks lying around an interior designer’s bedroom. Everything will have its place to be stored.

Luxury Finishing Touches

The overall look of a room is polished off by the finishing touches you make. Having some sort of statement art piece is a favourite interior designer trick that creates a show-room style finish to any bedroom. An interesting painting, intriguing sculpture or artistic photograph will really elevate the room to that high-class standard.

Stylish Vignettes

Vignettes are basically small arrangements of ornaments, knickknacks and other interesting yet sophisticated items that can be on your vanity, bedside table or any other surface that needs a little extra something. Intelligent looking books, stylish vases and chic Diptyque candles are perfect items to have arranged into a stylish vignette. Find boutique Parisian style candles in luxury fragrances at SSENSE that will add a touch of glamour to your arrangements.


Layers and Textures

Adding some dimensions through having different layers in your bedroom is an interior designer favourite. Vignettes can achieve this by having ornaments of different shapes and sizes placed on top of books and on surfaces at different heights. But layer color and texture too. Add a signature rug on the floor, a chunky knit throw and cushions in various materials to create layers of textures and colors.

The bed presents a great opportunity to play with textures and layers. Start with a quality mattress like a Stearns and Foster mattress to give some height to the bed. You can then use sheets, blankets, pillows and other accessories to add layers to the bed and make it look more attractive. The bed is often the centerpiece of the room, so don't neglect it when you're designing your bedroom.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is also an aspect of the room that interior designers like to layer. Having different layers of light can help you create ambience and atmosphere, but can also be functional. You obviously need a main light to light the whole room, but having small lamps on the nightstand are perfect for reading and accent lights give you the option of soft illumination. But do make sure you have separate switches for each one.

Magical Mirrors

Mirrors are always a good idea, and a trick that all interior designers have used to bounce back light into the room and make it seem bigger than it is. If your room is on the smaller side, use the magic of mirrors to create the illusion that you have more space than you do. A mirror is an obvious essential for the bedroom, but the right one can also be a statement piece. It’ll be practical and beautiful.

Add Some Greenery

Houseplants are a calming natural addition to any room, and the bedroom is no exception. They really elevate the design of the room, add some life and provide a pop of color. Having different sizes will add to your layers; have larger statement plants in sophisticated pots in the corner of your room, and smaller ones on the windowsill and other surfaces.


Don’t Forget the Ceiling

People often dismiss the ceiling. But when you’re laying in bed, what are you looking up at? The ceiling. Instead of staring at a plain blank white surface, add some texture or color. Using a lighter version of the color of the walls will bring the ceiling down and give the room a cozy intimate feel. Other decorative elements like beams or moldings will add character, but for ultimate enveloping luxury, try a canopy or tented bed frame.

Have people envious of your style by using these top interior designer secrets when designing your bedroom.