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How to Create an Incredible Bridesmaids Experience

If you’re planning a wedding day, the most important people are the bride and groom. But that doesn’t mean the other people celebrating this special occasion shouldn’t have an incredible experience too. Notably, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen form an important part of the day, and many people think that no wedding could possibly be complete without them! Bridesmaids can help to party and celebrate beforehand, plan the big day with you, and be there to help if things start to go wrong on the day itself. Many brides report that they bridesmaids are the cornerstone of support and are invaluable when it comes to organizing a wedding.

If you’re ready to give your bridesmaids an incredible experience, here are some of the things you can consider doing.

Involve Them in Decision-Making

Some brides like to involve their bridesmaids in many different decisions, while others prefer to keep other people out of the way until most of the planning is complete. While it’s entirely up to you, involving your bridesmaids in key decisions which affect them can help them to feel more included as well as enjoying a truly immersive experience of the wedding. Ask their opinions about the type of dress they want, the shoes they will wear, or the color of flowers they will hold. They can also help you choose beautiful celebration cakes that will suit the theme of your wedding.

While you might have certain things you won’t compromise on, such as your color theme or the specific role they will play during the ceremony, allowing them to have some influence over decisions such as the fit or style of their dresses can make your wedding day even better and help your bridesmaids to feel more comfortable on the day too.


Invite Them to Parties

If you’re inviting someone to be a bridesmaid, you’re indicating that they are a very important part of your life, and you want them to play an important role in your wedding too. Before the big day happens, many brides choose to throw a party or get-together with their bridesmaids and close friends. This can be the same event as the bachelorette party, but you could also decide to throw an additional party for bridesmaids only. This can make the experience of being a bridesmaid feel even more exclusive, and it’s a chance to discuss the specifics of the big day and share your excitement together without everyone else being involved too.


Propose to Your Bridesmaids

In keeping with the wedding theme, proposing to your bridesmaids is becoming an increasingly popular option for those getting married. It can be a great way to make the ask more special and memorable and create experiences for the bridesmaids that will be treasured forever. There are various bridesmaid proposal ideas you can consider, including sending them a special gift or surprising them with a handwritten note. You can check out some unique and adorable bridesmaid proposal ideas from Greenvelope, which provides an incredibly modern way to propose to your potential bridesmaids. You can go paperless and do your bit for the environment while creating an amazing experience for your bridesmaids when asking them to be involved in your wedding.


Be Mindful of Their Feelings

Although the wedding day should be about what the couple wants, it’s also important to be mindful of the feelings and emotions of others who are involved in the day. For example, although you might feel nervous yourself about the big day, your bridesmaids might also be feeling the same. This can be particularly true for younger children, people who have not been a bridesmaid before, or those who don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. Taking some time to check on your bridesmaids and make sure they are feeling okay can go a long way as well as showing that you care about their feelings.


Let Them Get Glamorous

It can come with an extra cost but spending some time and money to get your bridesmaids looking glam can make the whole wedding an experience for them to remember. Hiring a makeup artist to do the bride’s hair and makeup can be extended to allow for the bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup done professionally too. Most bridesmaids will love having their hair styled and makeup applied by a professional, but don’t be pushy if some of your bridesmaids would rather opt out. It’s important to remember that while many bridesmaids will jump at the chance to be pampered ahead of the wedding, not everyone will want to take part and it’s essential to be mindful of their feelings and let them know there is no pressure.

Book a Spa Day

This will often depend on how close you are to your bridesmaids, but some brides enjoy spending time with their girlfriends ahead of the big day and going for a few hours of quality relaxing time. A spa day is a popular choice with many brides and their bridesmaids, since it gives plenty of time for relaxation as well as the opportunity for massages, facials, pedicures, and other treatments before the wedding. You can combine this with a bachelorette party, although if a spa day is something you want to do the day before the wedding, it’s best to avoid too much partying and get an earlier night of sleep!

Give Them a Gift

To thank your bridesmaids for the important role they have played in your big day, consider giving them a special gift so they will always remember the experience. This could be a personalized gift with their name, or some photos from the times you have spent together with the other bridesmaids. Although many bridesmaids will cover the cost of their own dresses and shoes, some brides may choose to buy this for them and let them keep the items afterwards. These items could even be presented in a beautiful flower box, and it would mean oh so much more to them in the end. This is a great way to help your bridesmaids remember and cherish the memories they have made with you at your wedding.


Don’t Expect Too Much of Them

Many brides report that their bridesmaids have been incredibly supportive throughout the whole planning process for the wedding. But expecting too much of people can lead to disappointment and frustration. Don’t put too many expectations on your bridesmaids in terms of support with planning and delivery of the wedding, and if you feel like there is too much for you to handle alone, consider hiring a wedding planner instead. Similarly, on the big day, be mindful of the fact that your bridesmaids will also need to get themselves ready and prepare mentally for their own role in the wedding, so the amount they can give in other areas of support may be limited. Ensure you have other friends, family members, and any necessary help such as photographers or makeup artists on hand to assist when you need.

Having an amazing wedding will look different for each individual, but one thing is for sure – everyone wants to come away with memories of an incredible experience. Making sure your bridesmaids have a great time leading up to the wedding and on the big day can help to strengthen your friendships and create incredible memories for decades. From bridesmaid proposal ideas to quality time spent together getting ready, there are many ways you can make the wedding experience even better for your bridesmaids.