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My Review of the Sari Skirt by DarnGoodYarn

After getting the Amara Sari Kimono from the DarnGoodYarn website and being so pleased with the product (it literally became my favorite summer accessory!), I was more than curious to try out their stunning Sari Skirts.

So, I ordered a couple of their long, ankle-length skirts, tried them on, and am now sharing my review of them with you! 

If you're more of a watcher than a reader, feel free to check out my YouTube video review of the skirts!

Without further ado, here are my thoughts...

Review of the 
Sari Wrap Skirt by DarnGoodYarn


I can't say enough about how beautiful the color and patterns are on my skirts!  When ordering, you can indicate your color preferences and/or write which colors you want to stray away from, and you'll be sent a product that fits your liking!  It truly is a fun surprise, and I was so pleasantly surprised to receive both of these gorgeous, jewel-toned skirts after listing down my affinity for royal blue and wine red colors.  Because of this, each skirt is an original skirt too -- no two are alike!  I feel so special knowing that I truly have these one-of-a-kind artisan pieces in my wardrobe! 

Oh, and get this -- it's reversible too!  On the other side of my royal blue skirt is this stunning gold-toned pattern!

Feel & Quality

The fabric is super soft, silky, and smooth.  It's comfortable to wear (in many different ways too, not just as a skirt!) and feels luxurious on the skin.  

The stitching on it is very well-made.  I'm thoroughly impressed with the handmade quality of this artisan piece! 


If you're a green and environmentally-conscious shopper like I am, you'll find that this eco-friendly sari skirt is a great purchase for that regards too!  The fabric is made out of recycled saris, so each skirt is an original made with exotic reclaimed materials.

Sustainably Made

One of the best parts of this purchase is knowing that each skirt is handmade by DGY's co-ops in India, which allows these artisans to sustain safe and dignified year-round employment.  In this day and age, it's so important to support fair trade and sustainably sourced businesses.  It's not just buying a skirt itself, but really supporting the artisans out there who make it. 

Inclusive Sizes

Okay, and get this -- the Sari wrap skirts are super size-inclusive and embrace body positivity!  It can make anyone feel like a goddess, and this is coming from a tired, first-time mama who hasn't been feeling herself after giving birth almost ten months ago.  It's been a while since I felt happy with the way I look, but donning these gorgeous skirts really help me feel that way!  The skirts are not only beautiful on their own, but they look flattering, even on my mom-bod! 

Many Ways to Wear It!

Oh, and last but not least -- here's the fun part.  This skirt can be worn as a skirt, of course, but also as dresses and shawls, as you've seen in my post!  

You can get really creative with it!

So... if you're searching for a really special gift for yourself or to spoil a best friend, sister, mother, daughter, you name it, I definitely encourage you to check out DGY's beautiful array of Sari Wrap Skirts!  They are truly works of art and support an amazing cause. 

Exclusive Coupon Code!

If you're heading over to the DGY website, don't forget to use my 15% off discount code:


Thanks for reading and looking through my favorite finds!  Again, if you're looking for that really unique gift for yourself or to spoil a loved one in your life (I know my mother and sister will love this too!) I hope you'll take the chance to check out DGY's collection of Sari skirts! 

I'd love to hear from you too!  Which color(s) or patterns would you love to have your skirt in?  And would you go for a long, ankle-length skirt, or a short mini skirt?  

Warm wishes,

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