4 DIY Lip Masks for Softer, Smoother Lips

by - May 26, 2021

With summer right around the corner and life getting a little closer to normal, it’s time to give our lips a little love. After wearing masks and experiencing the dry, cold weather of winter, it’s likely your lips are in need of a little TLC. 

Get them ready for the summer season ahead by making your own DIY lip masks and scrubs. These simple recipes are jam-packed with powerful ingredients to deliver moisture and buff away dead skin to reveal smooth, plump lips.

Auraglow has created four DIY lip masks and scrubs to prep your pout for the season ahead. 

DIY Lip Masks

1. Chocolate Lip Scrub 

Chocolate is not just for dessert. Cocoa powder boasts some real beauty benefits, including collagen-boosting properties. It’s filled with antioxidants, omegas, and fatty acids to help smooth and hydrate your lips. Plus, it smells pretty great! 

2. Berry Lip Mask 

Strawberries boast many teeth benefits, including the ability to naturally whiten your smile. These fruits are also the star ingredient in this lip mask as strawberries are filled with vitamin C to help moisturize and repair chapped lips to leave them looking dewy and fresh. 

3. Rose Petal Lip Mask 

The natural oils found in roses help retain moisture in the skin, making it a perfect ingredient in this hydrating lip mask. In addition to moisturizing properties, rose petals also contain sugars that benefit those with sensitive skin. 

4. Lavender Lip Scrub 

If you’re suffering from dry, chapped lips, this lip scrub containing honey will help to smooth and moisturize your lips as it buffs away dead skin to reveal smooth and plump skin underneath. Lavender oil is also great for healing skin tissue and helping soothe inflammation.

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