Crochet Pattern Preview Mockup Templates

by - May 01, 2021

If you're a crochet or knitting pattern designer, I've got a nifty resource for you!

I've been searching high and low, looking for free or inexpensive mockups to use for my PDF pattern listings.  Unfortunately, I've had no luck, and even when I finally found a promising mockup generator website claiming to have free templates, I was faced with a $7.99 fee to download the mockup I had spent time creating.

Thus, I decided to use my DIY spirit to create my own mockups, and I'm so glad I did because they came out a lot prettier than the ones I found elsewhere!  

I'm now sharing this resource with other fiber art designers, in hopes that you'll find this to be a great, go-to tool to make your crochet, amigurumi, or knit pattern previews look professional and elegant! 

PDF Pattern Preview Template

I've made four different Canva templates in this single bundle for you to choose from, and you are welcome to use it on your pattern store (e.g., Etsy, Ravelry) listings, on your blog posts, on social media, etc!  They have a clean and minimalist sort of vibe, which is a great way to showcase your PDF pattern pages as give customers a preview of what they're buying.  The template is fully customizable on Canva (which you can create a free account for).  Simply drag and drop screenshots of your pattern pages to the image boxes and add your business name and/or company logo.  You  and you can easily change the colors, fonts, and more to your liking.  After you do so, simply download your mockup as an image file and you can use it as you please!

Scroll down to see the mockup samples that I've created using this template! 

Grab Your Copy

Crochet Pattern Preview Templates by Sweet Softies

Hope you will enjoy these templates, my fellow designer friends!  

Warm wishes,

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