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Top 10 Creative & Fun Holiday Tradition Ideas for Families

It's our sweet, little babe's very first Christmas! To make our sweet babe's very first Christmas extra special, I opted for a creative twist by using a spinner wheel to choose from the list of new holiday traditions for our little family of three. Here's a list of ideas that you might currently do or want to adopt into your family's traditions too!

Top 10 Creative Holiday Tradition Ideas

Fill a stocking for each member of the family.

This one's so fun, as you can have matching stockings or unique ones for each person.  It'll be fun to fill it with little stocking stuffers, whether store bought or handmade gifts.  You can hang it on the recipients' bedroom doors and have the family find their gifts on Christmas morning! 

As a crafter, I'll be making handmade stockings for each member of my family, and we plan to make them unique.  I'll be starting this one up next year, so watch out for some new crochet Christmas stocking designs to be linked here in the future!  

Make a Christmas craft together.

For those of you crafters out there, you'll love doing this with the fam!  Making a Christmas craft together while listening to holiday tunes is sure to get you all into a merry mood, while enjoying quality time making something together.  The end product can be something you keep as a family heirloom, or as a gift to others!  Check out Craftgawker for a variety of creative holiday craft ideas at this time of the year.  

Some quick ideas can be to...
  • Make Christmas ornaments
  • Stamp or decorate holiday envelopes 
  • Make gift tags
  • Make a Christmas-themed garland

My sweet neighbor and her son gave our family a handmade gift this year, which is this sweetest gnome!  The gnome's holding a sign, "Ray of light", written by her son, and it's specially done for Lena Rose, whose first name means "light".  We felt so blessed to receive such a heartfelt treasure.

Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.

One more thing to look forward to on Christmas is the smell of yummy, freshly-baked cookies!  This is definitely a fun one to do together.  You can try out a new recipe, go with a family favorite, and everything in-between!

Make a Christmas dish together. 

Like baking, making a Christmas dish together -- whether it's an appetizer, main course, side dish, or dessert -- can be loads of fun.  Engaging little ones in the activities of daily living is not only a functional learning opportunity, but paves way for quality time as a family!

Build a gingerbread house.

Now, this one's a classic...and you can get super creative with personalization too!  You can even turn it into a friendly competition with teams (to promote teamwork and collaboration).  Maybe the winner gets to pick the movie to watch that night!

Watch a Christmas movie together.

Christmas movies may have a rep for being super cheesy, but those sappy, feel-good endings are kind of perfect for just enjoying with your family while snuggled on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa.  

This year, we watched the Happiest Season, and really enjoyed it!  It definitely had that touch of Christmas magic.

Get not only family photos, but a family illustration done!

Holiday cards are all about featuring family photos, but how wonderful would it be to also get an annual family illustration?  You can either draw one yourself or look on Etsy for lots of great options! 

Have some karaoke fun with Christmas songs.

Karaoke is always fun with the family, whether you consider yourself to be a good or bad singer!  It's about having a merry time, enjoying each other's company.  If you don't have a Karaoke mic and machine, you can totally make do by putting on some Christmas Karaoke Songs on Youtube and simply singing along!  

Take a walk in the neighborhood.

Have everyone grab a cozy jacket, mittens, and beanie, and go out for a walk around the block to enjoy the beautiful lights and Christmas decorations.

Get matching jammies.

Each member of the family can get matching jammies for a picture perfect moment on Christmas Day!  It might be neat to open these up on Christmas Eve and get snuggly in them while watching a movie.  Or, add it to part of the gift-unwrapping joy on Christmas morning, and stay in these jammies for a good part of the day for pictures all around!  

Make a special ornament each year.

This can be a special ornament for your child, your partner, for the family as a whole, or more!  Since this was my baby's very first Christmas, I decided to design a crocheted tree ornament just for her.  Her Chinese zodiac sign is the mouse, as this is the Year of the Mouse, and so I crocheted a little mouse in a Santa hat and matching scarf.  

If you'd like to make one too, check out my free Christmas Mouse Crochet Pattern.

My hope is that, when Lena Rose is older, I'll crochet ornaments based on her interests at the time and Christmas-fy them!  This year, she's five months and pretty wiggly when it comes to being still for the camera, so here were the photos that came out of it...

Once she's 18, I hope to have 18 ornaments made just for her each Christmas to send her off with! (Unless she decides to bunker down in our home for longer, haha.)

I hope you enjoyed my list of ideas! 

Are any of these your family traditions?  
Which are your favorites?  
Do you plan on adopting some new traditions from this list of ideas?  

Share with me in the comments below -- I'd love to hear from you!

Best wishes,