Beat Cold Winter Drafts with Holiday Games and Crafts!

by - December 11, 2020

Nothing gets our creative juices flowing quite like the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. On a snowy day when we’re huddled indoors with our coziest blankets and sweaters, there’s nothing more cheerful than decorating our own Christmas cards or crocheting a warm hat for a loved one.

This year, we’ve all gotten more resourceful than ever when it comes to giving gifts and keeping busy. Avoiding crowded malls and traffic jams may be a yearly priority for you already. But if you’re spending more time this Christmas in your own home than usual, bring a bit more holly-jolly fun into your day with some of these crafts and games!

Holiday Coloring Placemats

While kids have always appreciated a good coloring book, in recent years, they’ve been on the wishlists of many adults, too! Why? Coloring is a simple way to unwind and concentrate on something outside of the stresses of everyday life. And when you’re done, you’re left with an amazing work of art that both kids AND adults can appreciate!

If you’ve already got an ample supply of crayons, markers, or coloring pencils on hand, print out a few of Hippo’s holiday coloring placemats. Amp up your kids’ holiday cheer by printing out a different placemat for every morning at breakfast time leading up to Christmas morning. And while you’re noshing on your stack of pancakes, why not join them?

After Christmas, keep the completed works of art in a scrapbook with some special photos or staple them with a cover made from construction paper. Have the kids decorate the cover with glitter glue, their names, and the year. Now they’ll have a special keepsake to remind them of every fun-filled Christmas morning.

Ho-Ho-Ho with Santa Limbo

This year, we’ve all been glued to our screens more than ever. It’s hard to tell our kids they shouldn’t be spending so much time with their devices when we’re guilty, too! Even during a typical Winter, it can be tricky to keep off the couch and away from the remote control.

While board games are a fun way to get your family engaged and involved, step outside the box and try out a new holiday tradition - Santa Limbo!

Much like the limbo you’ve probably played at every office party and family get-together, Santa Limbo will have you and your family ducking under a pole as low as possible without touching! However, this game puts a holiday twist on a classic by inviting you to play as the Big Man himself!

Have your family raid their closet for all things red (provided you don’t have a Santa Suit of your own!) and top the outfits off with a hat. Stuff a pillow into your clothes for a belly to rival Santa’s and see who can duck the lowest without touching the bar! Keep score with this Santa Limbo card and give the winner a trophy filled with Hershey’s Kisses or Peppermints!

Stay Closer and More Connected Than Ever

As the snow piles up outside and we crank our thermostats to the max, some of us find ourselves feeling gloomy, unproductive, or even overwhelmed. The holidays can be so busy that sometimes we forget to do the things that make us, and our families, happiest.

All these holiday games and activities are courtesy Hippo! Go ahead and download them now to get ready to end the year with new traditions and big smiles.

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