What I look for when buying baby clothes

by - October 12, 2020

Dear fellow Mamas,

Babies are just the cutest, aren't they?  And when you're pregnant and expecting to meet your little one soon, the next best thing than having baby in your arms is having baby's clothes!  When I was pregnant, I remember sorting through all those tiny little outfits and articles of clothing, and I just loved the idea of knowing that my baby girl would be wearing them soon. 

As a mother, there are so many things I look for when buying baby clothes.  After all, they're there to keep your sweet baby wrapped and act as a visual representation of how you want your baby to look.

So, without further ado, here are some things to look for when buying baby clothes!


Okay, I'm guilty -- I have an affinity for cute things (not alone here, I'm sure!) and if my baby's wearing it, it's gotta be cute!!  There are a number of baby boutiques that offer just that: adorable and trendy outfits!  Animal ears?  Yes!  Sweet floral prints? Yes!  Little ruffle butts?  Yes!!  I recently purchased an adorable bunny-eared outfit for my Lena Rose from Lavender Sun Co., and can't wait to share pictures here!  This particular baby boutique also has some funny onesies with clever captions, images, and designs -- perfect as baby shower gifts for expecting parents!


Other than looking cute, the clothes need to be practical, of course.  I definitely look into season-appropriate garments that comfortable for changing temperatures and weather.  It's a must to keep your little one cozy during winter and cool during the summer.


Spit-up, drool, poop explosions... all of these expected messes will happen.  Thus, it's important that the clothes you buy for your little one will wash well, retain its shape, and retain its colors.


When buying clothes for baby, it's especially important to purchase good quality.  Poor quality can be hazardous for baby.  You wouldn't want the fabric color to stain the skin, or the cloth to be scratchy and coarse.  Clothes that aren't made well either can easily rip or become damaged quickly. Quality goes hand-in-hand with durability, too!

Overall, clothing cuteness, comfort, durability, and quality are all factors that I keep in mind when shopping for baby!  What about you?  What do you look for when you buy your baby's clothes?

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