Easy Handmade Costume for Baby's First Halloween!

by - October 30, 2020

Hi fellow crafters!

I'm excited to share with you my baby's very first Halloween costume!  Can you see what she's dressed up as? :)

Here's how it came about!  I had decided on attending a Halloween event with my baby's community group just a week before the date.  I had to get a costume put together PRONTO, and I had no idea what to even make on short notice.

Somehow, inspiration struck me during the sleepy early-morning hours while nursing my baby...as it usually tends to happen.  Lena's middle name is "Rose", and I thought -- why not have her be a rose for

With that, I set out to crochet a large rose!  I used a large, 7mm Clover Amour hook, medium weight held doubled, and loosely followed the Crochet Rose Pattern by Katicrafts.  It was really quick to whip up!  I attached this large rose to a stretchy and soft headband to go around my baby girl's head, though it can also be attached to a hat or a crocheted headband if desired, of course. 

For the stem and the leaves, I simply cut those shapes out of felt.  I pulled out a solid white long-sleeve onesie and then sewed the stem and leaves on using a yarn needle and contrasting yarn color.  

And there you have it...the easiest handmade baby costume for crocheters!

My mother, dressed as Dorothy, was quite happy to have this little rose, too! 

When we brought Lena to the outdoor Halloween event, it was quite chilly!  Gotta thank the Pacific Northwest climate.  I ended up having her wear her crochet bonnet to keep her head warm, and we had her rose worn as a necklace instead.  It still works...somewhat!

Anyhow, it was definitely so much fun to make this Halloween outfit and see my little girl in it.  I hope this idea can inspire other crafters who are on the fence to make their own Halloween costumes too! 

Best wishes,

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  1. Hi Jade, That is just the cutest thing ever! \(≧▽≦)/ What a creative idea, too!! Your baby is so, so, so adorable, a sweet little lump of sugar! And is that your mother?? I thought she was your friend, she looks so young and beautiful!!

    Congratulations again on giving birth to that Sweet Softie!!



    1. Hi Angelina, so good to hear from you as always! You are so, so sweet and I appreciate your kind words. They always make my day! Also, yes -- that is my mother! She does look very young indeed!

      I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend ahead! <3

  2. So nice and sweet for you baby! I think you are a perfect mom. This is also a great idea to save more on Halloween shopping. I will try it!

  3. Hi. What a lovely site. Helping through lockdown. Keep safe. Xx

  4. The baby is looking so cute and adorable in this halloween costume Story of Halloween