How To Print Your T-Shirts So They Look Beautiful

by - October 18, 2020

Knitting and sewing can only get you so far. Sometimes the patterns you want to create on clothing are just too complicated or intricate to reproduce using traditional methods. Often your only choice is to print. 

Knowing how to do this, though, is a challenge. Currently, there are all kinds of methods of doing this, from silk screening to CAD cut vinyl. It’s all very complicated.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at a method that involves using your home printer and transfer paper - in other words, one that uses equipment that you’re likely to already have at home.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

If you want to print your t-shirts so that they look beautiful, you’re going to need a printer, iron, plain t-shirts (usually white is easiest), transfer paper and stickers, tape measure and, of course, the design itself.

Step 2: Start The Design Process

The design process is perhaps the most challenging part of t-shirt printing. Your best bet is to go on a site like Pinterest and look at images that appeal to you. Once you’ve found images that you like (or you’ve created/edited them on Photoshop), save them to your hard drive.

Step 3: Print Only Your Transfer Paper

The next step is to print out the designs that you choose on the transfer paper. Depending on your printer, you might need to set it up in a certain way to ensure that it feeds the paper correctly. You may also need to make manual adjustments so that the print job lines up perfectly.

Some printers have specific options that you can choose.

Step 4: Iron Out Your Design

The next step is to use your tape measure to ensure that you line up the transfer paper perfectly with your t-shirt. Take some time to lay the garment out flat. Don’t attempt this part unless you’re on a flat, heat-resistant surface.

Once you’ve nailed the placement, you’re ready to begin ironing. For the transfer to work, the iron will already need to be very hot. Put the iron face down on the transfer paper on top of the t-shirt and then begin the process of fusing it with the underlying material.

During this process, you want to make sure you avoid any wrinkles in the paper. If there are gaps between the t-shirt and the design, it will peel off easily after wearing it just a few times.

Step 5: Peeling The Transfer

The final step is peeling the iron transfer so you can get the final shape of your design.

Wait for the paper to cool a little and then start peeling carefully from the corner. The sheet should remain in one piece for the entirety of the process, but it might not.

Once you’ve taken it off, that’s it. Your t-shirt is ready to show off to the rest of the world. This idea is really good because it means that you can pretty much make whatever style of clothing you like.

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