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High Contrast Cards for Babies (Free Printable)

Hello, Parents!  

Here's a super easy "DIY" (if you can even call it that!) you can put together for your little one!  

This 16-piece set of black-and-white visual stimulation cards from LittleLifelongLearners were developed just for infants and babies.  As you may know, newborn babies aren't born with fully-developed vision.  The world is a blur, and their eyes can only distinguish between sharp contrasts, such as the colors black and white.  

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So... How do these cards help?

These monochrome cards provide visual input and stimulation for your little one as they develop and strengthen their vision skills!  They're also great for improving visual focus and attention skills.

Here's a good video about the science behind the high contrast cards, if you'd like to learn more!

How do you use them?

These are great to implement during tummy time!  Lay your baby on a mat and you can prop a card, two, or even three up against the wall.  Try and keep it within 20-30cm from your baby, because that's the sweet spot for their visual focus!  (You can think of it as the distance between your baby's face and your own when you're cradling your little one.)  It's amazing how long a baby can look at these interesting designs!

Easy-Peasy Instructions

So, ready to get started?  Gather your materials first!  You will need scissors, a laminator, four (4) lamination pouches, 4 sheets of card stock paper, and an optional (but highly recommended) corner rounder.

  1. First, download the High Contrast Cards here!
    (This link will take you to LittleLifelongLearners' blog, where you'll find the free download.)
  2. After downloading the cards, print them out.  I recommend printing on heavier, card stock paper so that it is more rigid, though you can also use regular printer paper instead.
  3. Place each sheet in a lamination pouch, and run it through the laminator.
  4. Cut out each card. 
  5. Optional: Use a corner-rounder to smooth out those corners.  I highly recommend this so that there aren't any pointy tips that can hurt! 

And... that's it!

Hope you and your baby have lots of fun with these high contrast cards!  

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Thanks for reading! Wishing you all well!