Craft & Chat with Sweet Softies (4/4 at 5pm PST, don't miss out!)

by - March 31, 2020

Hi fellow yarn lovers!

Alright, so it's happening!  I'm holding my very first "Craft & Chat" online group hangout during this crazy time of quarantine with the coronavirus situation.  If you're craving some social interaction from the comfort of your own home, while engaging in one of your favorite hobbies (I'll assume crocheting and knitting is quite high up there on your list!), I'd love if you could join me!

When and where will it be?

When: April 4th, at 5pm PST!
Where: In the Sweet Softies Facebook Group via FB Live!

What happens during a Craft & Chat?

Pretty much just that -- crafting by crocheting, knitting, or your preferred craft, while chatting!  We can have fun conversations that are crafts-related, talk about what you're doing to stay sane during this quarantine, or anything you'd like to chat about!

Some questions that I'll be asking the group:

  • What's a project you're working on currently? 
  • How many WIPs do you have going on?
  • Your favorite make so far?
  • How did you first get into crocheting (or knitting)? 
  • Which other crafts do you enjoy?
  • Any suggestions on patterns you'd like to see me design in the future?
  • What're you doing to stay sane during this quarantine?
  • What's something positive about your day? About staying at home?

So, that's that for my little announcement here.  I hope that you'll tune in to my FB live video and join me!  Let's keep each other company while practicing good social distancing measures!

Warm wishes,

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