Creator Challenge: Part 4 [Creation Gallery]

by - June 21, 2019

Coral the Mermaid
Part 4 Creation Gallery

Here are some photos that I've collected from other crocheters who are participating in this year's Creator Challenge!  I'm just loving all the creative hairstyles and cute mermaid colors!  Part 5 comes out tomorrow.

Part 4 involves crocheting the mermaid's lower body and fins! See the original post for the pattern instructions on that portion.  I love seeing all the cute, little mermaid bodies so far!  The variation in skin, tail, and fin colors are AWESOME to see!

Here are some of the 'Part 4' works-in-progress photos so far! 

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Check out the Creator Challenge Intro for rules, important info, and the CAL timeline/pattern links!

Thanks for reading, and sit tight for Part 5!  We are in the home stretch!

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