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Crafting Essentials!

If you have found yourself scouring the pages of Pinterest more often than not, and have created countless boards of all the things that you would love to create, then what is stopping you? There may be some tools that you need to get you started, but really, you don’t need all that much to get you going. If you are looking for a few things to get you started, then here are some essentials that can help, depending on what kind of crafting that you want to get into. Have you got any projects going for the year ahead?

Washi Tape

You might find yourself surprised at just how much you can do with washi tape. From scrapbooking, to arts, and crafts, you can use a huge range of things for washi tape. There are some examples here if you need some inspiration: www.diyprojects.com/creative-washi-tape/. You can even use it for some upcycling of furniture too.

Needle Pliers

For some normal DIY around the house you will use large pliers. But for crafting, some needle nose pliers are a must. They are much finer, hence the name, and can be used for small and intricate wire craft, as well as securing ribbon ends bending wire, or fixing jewelry. 

Cutting Knife

Being able to cut things precisely is really important for craft work. Scissors can be good for quick things like thread or ribbon, but for papercraft especially, you need to have something that is going to be fine and precise. 

Cutting Machine

If you are a scrapbooker or crafter, chances are, you have the need for a cutting machine, or in particular something like a vinyl cutting machine like the ones from www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com. Then you can cut the materials that you need precisely, especially if you are looking to make particular shapes or patterns. 

Spray Paints

Acrylic paints are a pretty important part of any starter craft kit. But it is important to not forget about spray paints as well. It can be a quick and fun way to add color to things, and can be used in all sorts of different ways such as things like furniture, art, and home decor. 

Painter’s Tape

Having tape for painting means that projects don’t bleed or blend together. If you are after precise lines when you are painting then it is a must. If you plan to sell any crafts or artwork on, then this is the kind of precision that you are going to need. 

Glue Gun

A glue gun in your crafting and creative arsenal is so important; it is one of the most functional things to have as it can be used for all sorts of things for your crafts, as well as for in your home. Hot glue guns work on a huge variety of different materials too, making them so versatile and easy to use.

Are there any essentials that you would add to the list here? It would be great to hear what you think!