Knit Wolf & Fox Scarf

by - January 20, 2019

Dear fellow yarn enthusiasts,

I'd love to share with you my very first knitting projects!

I first learned how to knit through DIY YouTube videos a few years back (isn't the Internet such an amazing resource for picking up new skills?).  It was prompted by a sudden surge of motivation for me after laying my eyes on Tiny Owl Knits' "Mr. Fox Stole My Heart & Mini-Fox" designs!  Clearly, they were TOO cute NOT to make...

Behold, my first knitting creation!

As you can see, it's not fabulous by any means, especially with all those disorderly, uneven stitches!  However, my little fox scarf (or wolf scarf, as I would say, given the grey-colored yarn I selected) was veeeerry much loved and adored.  

In fact, I adored him so much, that I knit another little guy as a gift for my sister, but in its actual foxy colors (red) this time around! 

What about you? Do you knit in addition to crochet? I'd love to hear how you began knitting, and which types of knitting projects you love to make!

Happy crafting, all~

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