2018 Year in Review!

by - December 31, 2018

2018 has been a blast!  

Here are some highlights from this year!

Thinking about this year in review really takes me back to each of these events that occurred!  It's such a humbling experience for me to be able to accomplish these tasks, and I thank all my fellow crocheters and followers for supporting me through this journey!  Thank you all so much!

Before I wrap this up, here's a quick round-up of the crochet designs that I have published this year!

2018 Pattern Round-Up!

These are the 24 designs that I have created this year, 10 of which are free with the instructions listed on my blog!  Click on the design name below to navigate to the pattern page.
  1. "Loving You" Flower Pot (FREE)
  2. Little Red Pandora
  3. Hana the Korean Hanbok Doll
  4. Poro from League of Legends (FREE)
  5. Perry the Puppy
  6. Mother & Daughter Dolls
  7. Some-Bunny to Love (FREE)
  8. Jane the Jumbo Bunny
  9. Kana the Wanderer's Cowl (FREE)
  10. Coco the Cat 
  11. Sanjana the East Indian Doll
  12. Pippa the Pink Puppy
  13. Coney Island Bear
  14. Hudson Bay Cat
  15. Baby's Lacy Springtime Beanie (FREE)
  16. Baby's Soft Shoes (FREE)
  17. Mini Me Doll - Girl
  18. Mini Me Doll - Boy 
  19. Primrose the American Prairie Doll
  20. Emerie the Emerald Princess
  21. Knit Stitch Basket (FREE)
  22. Peyton the Polar Bear (FREE)
  23. The Heath Beanie (FREE)
  24. Cotton Candy Cowl (FREE)

Again, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for liking my work and allowing me to share my joys in crocheting and creating!  May you all have a happy, warm, and loving winter holiday and Happy New Year!  See you in 2019!

With utter and sincere gratitude,

P.S. You can check out my 2017 Year in Review post!

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