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2017 Year in Review!

2017 has been a pretty big year!  

Here are some highlights from this year!

  • My patterns were published in print for the very first time!  My designs appeared in the bookazine, "Amigurumi for Beginners", by Future Publishing.  They were very kind to request my designs again two more times later this year for their bookazines, "Simple Steps to Crochet" and "The Winter Crochet Book"!
  • I published a little over 20 different designs in my online stores.
  • My website was listed as one of the top 50 Amigurumi Blogs by Feedspot!
  • I formed a pattern testing group and hosted my very first pattern test!  Thankfully, I have found a great group of talented crocheters who were wiling to help me out in my pattern tests following that first one!
  • My Facebook following reached 1,000 followers in July, which was mind-blowing to me.  I'm presently at 1.8k on FB, 4.1k in my FB group, and 1.4k on Instagram.  Lucky me, and thank you all for liking my work!
  • I got a couple of my patterns translated into a language other than English for the very first time!  Thanks to my wonderful translators, the Christmas Angel pattern is available in Swedish, Dutch, and Italian, and the Loving Bride & Groom pattern is available in Swedish!
  • My Craftgawker submission was accepted for the very first time! 
  • I entered a crochet design contest for the very first time, and my top entry placed 32nd among 700+ submissions!
It really blows my mind and feels unreal to me as I review the events of this year.  It is such a humbling experience to be able to accomplish these tasks, and I owe it all to my fellow crocheters and followers.  You are all so supportive and positive in turning this into a truly heartwarming experience for me.  Thank you!

Oh, and a 'Year in Review' wouldn't quite be complete without a quick round-up of the crochet designs I have published this year!  Without further ado...

2017 Pattern Round-Up!

  1. Tiny Baby Ghostie (FREE)
  2. Ginger the Giraffe
  3. Camille the Autumn Belle
  4. Fletcher the Fox
  5. Brennan the Bear
  6. Sailor Jupiter 
  7. Remi the Rabbit
  8. Curvy Female Body Base
  9. Mori Girl
  10. Christmas Angel
  11. Princess Maeve
  12. Bunnies in Dresses
  13. Dawson the Deer
  14. Farley the Slender Fox
  15. Loving Bride & Groom
  16. Supermodel Doll Base
  17. Finley the Orange Fox
  18. Tiny Baby Pumpkin (FREE)
  19. Super Simple Beginner's Beanie (FREE)
  20. Bunny Lovey (FREE)
  21. Puppy Lovey (FREE)
  22. Puppy & Bunny Lovey (FREE)
  23. Tiny Baby Snowman (FREE)

Whew, what a link-filled post!

Again, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for liking my work and allowing me to share my joys in crocheting and creating!  May you all have a happy, warm, and loving winter holiday and Happy New Year!  I will see you in 2018!

With utter and sincere gratitude,