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Fantasy Creatures Contest

Hi all!

I recently entered my very first crochet contest -- the Fantasy Creatures contest hosted by AmigurumiPatterns.net!  I'm really excited at hope that my three submissions (Mari the Cottage Fae, Maeve the Fairy Princess, and Elvira the Woodland Elf) will be liked!

If you like my designs and would be interested in voting, please click here to view and vote for your top 10 favorites!  I'd be utterly grateful if any of your votes go to my darling dolls!

If you'd like to learn more about my dolls, please read on!

Mari the Cottage Fae

Mari is a warm, mild-tempered, and giving fae who leads a simple lifestyle in a traditional English cottage home bordering the forest. One of her daily routines involves taking a nature walk around her part of the woods with a freshly-baked loaf of bread in a wicker basket, and offering pieces to any hungry critters or beings whom she encounters. Mari doesn't return home until she has not a single crumb left. To her fellow forest dwellers, she is a blessing, a ray of sunshine, and a consistent staple of love. In addition to baking, Mari also enjoys reading storybooks, indulging in arts and crafts, and decorating her cozy cottage home.

Maeve the Fairy Princess

Maeve is a woodland fairy princess who would rather wear a crown of flowers than a crown of gold and gemstones! She’s a free-spirited soul and adores singing, dancing, and conversing with her forest friends. While she's very amiable with those she's familiar with, she tends to be shy and dart away from human eyes. Anyone who can manage to catch a glimpse of her can consider themselves to be lucky!

Elvira the Woodland Elf

Elvira is a forest-dwelling elf who happens to be a playful and bold adventure-seeker. She was bitten by the wanderlust bug as a young child, and was always curious about her surroundings and what lay beyond them. Despite her mother's requests to stay within her village boundaries, Elvira would take any opportunity to sneak out and go on mini journeys with her group of forest friends. With her insatiable thirst for exploration, Elvira was quite well-traveled by the time she was an adolescent. Presently, she can speak multiple languages, has vast knowledge of the cultures and customs of the communities she has visited, and has established many meaningful friendships and lifelong memories along the way.

Anyhow, I'm delighted by everyone's support on Facebook and Instagram so far.  I didn't know my creations would be so well-received, and the thought of that just warms my heart.

Thank you for reading, loves!