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9 Tips to Create an Easy Cleaning Schedule That Works

Between the daily grind of the work-life hustle, finding time or energy to clean your house can be challenging. But what if we told you that there’s a way to make cleaning easy? What if we told you that there’s a faster way of cleaning that is more efficient with both your time and energy? That’s where these tips come in. We’re sharing tips to implement to create a cleaning schedule. A cleaning schedule will make cleaning easy, reduce the build-up of dirt, grease, grime, and dust, prevent feeling overwhelmed, and help you maintain a clean home. So let’s explore some simple tips to bring a faster way of cleaning.

How to Make Cleaning Easy?

1. Identify What Needs to Be Done and How Often It Needs to Be Cleaned (Ex. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally)

Take a notepad and walk through your home. Jot down the things in each room that need to be cleaned and take note of how often. Consider the details in each room and include them in your list. For example, does the room need vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning, bed sheet change, or carpet cleaning?


2. Group Tasks Together With the Same Frequency for Better Organization

Carpet cleaning isn't a task that you're going to do daily, just as changing the bed sheets isn't either. Once you have your detailed cleaning list, group items that need to be completed simultaneously. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally. You can even complete the light and daily tasks and hire the professional Tidy Here Cleaning Service for the more heavy-duty cleaning.

3. Schedule Your Cleaning

Life is busy, and we know that. There's always something going on or things that need your attention. Use the time-blocking method in your agenda and schedule your cleaning. This ensures you have the right time to complete the task and that you won't have to choose between your cleaning and another essential task.

4. Allow For Flexibility

Sometimes, guests drop in unannounced, or your kids get sick, and these unexpected things can affect your cleaning schedule. Remember that it’s okay for things to change to accommodate other things and that your cleaning schedule is merely for regular days. It’s okay if it needs to change from time to time.

5. Test Your Schedule and Adjust Accordingly

Once you have your items sorted into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal sections, allow some time to pass and test out your schedule. Adjust your schedule accordingly if you find something that doesn't need to be done as often or needs to be completed more often.

6. Incorporate Quick Clean-Ups Throughout the Day

It makes a big difference if you clean as you go throughout your day. Whether that's right after you're done with something or you set a timer and clean up for 20 minutes (or whatever your set time) per day. Incorporating quick clean-ups throughout your day will help to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

7. Use To-Do Lists

If today is your cleaning day, make a to-do list to help you remember what needs to be done and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing items off the list. This will ensure that whatever you want to accomplish that day will get accomplished.


8. Delegate Deep Cleaning Days

Once a month, schedule a deep cleaning day. This is the time when you'll want to go through the monthly part of your cleaning schedule and create your to-do list.

9. Incorporate a Nighttime Tidy-up

Before heading to bed, implement a small nighttime routine to help your home stay tidy. This could include sweeping the floors, tidying the front door area, loading the dishwasher, or any other small tasks you don't want to wake up to. A simple 5 or 10 minutes can make a big difference in maintaining your home and helps to make cleaning easy.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Though it might seem like a lot of work upfront to make a cleaning schedule, it will speed up your cleaning process immensely over time. It also helps to ensure that all of your house is getting a good clean and that you have the time to complete it. It's a faster way of cleaning that is more efficient and a better use of your time.