Phil Collins, an Essay Writer from EssayService Shares 8 Dorm Hacks for Students

by - May 25, 2023

Your college years are a crucial time to build character and enjoy yourself. If you are moving into a college dorm, here are the top hacks by Phil Collins of EssayService to make this experience enjoyable. Read on

8 Best Hacks for Anyone Living in a College Dorm: A List by an Expert Essay Writer

The experience of living in a college dorm can feel like the pinnacle of growing up. If you’re like most people, this is your first experience with independent living, and now you’re supposed to share a space with a total stranger.

It will take you some time to adjust. So you should consider hiring a college application essay writer to work on your assignments while you do so.

Moreover, here are some tips to help you save time and effort while still making the most of the limited resources available in your dorm room.

Maximize storage solutions ​

Everyone knows that college dormitory rooms are typically small, especially if you share your space with a roommate. As such, storage space is always an issue in a compact dwelling.

Bed risers are a simple solution for squeezing a couple of additional cartons into your space.

They come in a range of heights and can be used to raise your bed off the floor, creating valuable extra storage space underneath. This makes room for containers you might use to store textbooks, off-season clothes, etc.

Some even have built-in electrical outlets, allowing you to plug your riser into an outlet that is out of sight under the bed. That virtually doubles its usefulness.

Lofting a bed is an option if your college accommodation administration allows it. You could opt to buy a lofted frame or build one.

Learn to prepare quick microwave meals ​

There are so many amazing treats you can make in a cup that you wouldn’t believe it. You could quickly prepare macaroni and cheese, mug cakes, and omelets in your microwave.

Double-check to ensure your dishes are microwavable before putting them into your microwave.

Lastly, wipe the plate out soon after eating, even if you don’t wash it right then. It prevents food from being dry and sticky, making cleanup afterward much simpler.

Make your own coffee ​​

No one wants to get people hooked on caffeine, but everyone knows how hard it can be to study late at night. While there are other ways to energize yourself when proofreading a paper you just got from your favorite writing service, sometimes a nice cup of espresso does hit that spot. And in case you do not have a favorite writing service, you can find one by checking out essay writing service reviews.

It’s nice to support business owners and delight in your local coffee shops, but all of this spending can do a number on your budget.

Instead, if your hall permits it, invest in a low-cost coffee maker and refuel without leaving your room. If you want to go even cheaper, have some instant coffee courtesy of your microwave.

Apply clever tricks to refresh your air ​​

You will have fewer options for odor control in college because candles are forbidden everywhere, and some dorms also prohibit wax melt warmers.

However, there typically aren’t restrictions on dryer sheets or fans. Dryer sheets can be attached to a standard desk fan with some tape or paper clips, allowing the fragrance to be diffused around the room.

An automobile vent clip attached to vents or fans is another easy hack for odor control in a dorm room.

Allergies or a college policy prohibiting the usage of artificial fragrances would be the only reasons this wouldn’t work for you. Before adding a scent to the room, consult the recommendations and establish communication with your roommate.

Nightstand caddy ​​

Remember how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night, absolutely parched but too exhausted to get out of bed and get some water? The nightstand caddy will ensure that your water bottle never has to be more than a few feet away.

If you’re a college student with a bunk bed or a loft, you need one of the handy cloth bags. They have many compartments for storing small items like phones, Kindles, or glasses.

Invest in a rolling laundry bin ​

When living in a dorm, you have to lug your laundry bag to go to the laundry room. In case there is no convenient transport method, the burden becomes even more than it already is.

Transporting a mountain of dirty clothes to the laundromat is a breeze with the help of a laundry bag with wheels or shoulder straps. This is a simple dorm hack that has a tremendous effect.

Roll your clothes ​

Dorm living can be difficult if you like to shop frequently.

While living in a dorm, you might want to limit your wardrobe purchases, but the following trick could allow you to bring a few more items. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up so you have more room in your drawers for new pants.

Use unused items from home ​​

You can make your dorm room seem like home without breaking the bank on new furnishings. There is a lot of unused stuff that could be brought to school.

Why not repaint your grandma’s lamp that hasn’t been touched since 1980 after hiring one of the best research paper writing services to deal with your homework? Why not put the decorative paint can to good use as a pencil holder or move the pencil holder to another room?

It’s time to use your imagination! Do you have an abandoned duvet in the very furthest corners of your closet? Bring it along when you move into your dorm room.

After all, who says everything must be brand new anyway?

The bottom line ​​

You’ll definitely come up with more tricks for surviving in a dorm over the next few years in college since you’ve officially entered the adult world. Good luck!

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