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The Best Ways To Upgrade A Home After Buying It

Upgrading a home after buying sounds expensive, doesn't it? You’ve already forked out hundreds of thousands on closing the sale and you’ve got a long mortgage term ahead - why would you spend more money on a perfectly good property? Because it’s got so much potential!

Remember: not only will a few upgrades make your home look better inside and out, but it’ll also add a lot more value for the future as well. If you ever want to sell in the future, this is where you make the investment that’ll really pay off!

But if you want this to be your forever home from here on out, upgrading still makes a lot of sense. After all, you want to create the coziest environment possible to settle and spend the next 50+ years in! With that in mind, let’s go through the best renovation projects to try over the next 18 months.

Add an Ensuite

Ensuite bathrooms have been the rage forever, and they will always continue to be! You can bet on it totally - who doesn’t want to use a bathroom in the middle of the night that they don’t even need to leave the bedroom for, or have to let the kids use either?

This convenience is unmatched in any of the other upgrades included on this list! So, if you’ve got some spare room in your new home, think about converting it along the plumbing route. An ensuite bathroom also adds a lot of value to a property; you can get at least an extra 5% of the original sale price added on.

Replace the Roof

Fitting a new roof is a good upgrade for durability’s sake - you can grant your property much better protection against weather of any kind, including sunny blue skies. Yes, the sun’s rays can be very damaging to surface material and make it far less good at insulating the rest of the house.

But a replacement roof is costly and a bit complicated to fit, so make sure you truly need a new one before forking out. Get someone who knows what they’re looking for up there to survey the landscape. Missing shingle or slipped, cracked tiles will need some work, but the inner layer could still be good.

Put in Some New Windows

New windows might not sound like a big deal, but they could improve the insulation of your house ten times over in one simple move. How? Newer window types are made with more insulating materials than those made over 10 years ago; you can learn more here about what’s involved in the process.

But for the time being, here’s what you need to know: putting in new window fittings, including both glass and pane, could make your new home much cheaper to run. And it’s not just about the more reflective materials involved! If something is fitted well (and you can be sure because you watched the windows placed!), less draughts will occur throughout your home.

Switch Out Your Vents

The vent system in your home funnels a lot of air moisture out and away from damaging the structure. However, these vents may need cleaning out or even replacing with a fan system entirely.

This is especially pertinent in the bathroom. A lot of moisture can collect in the air here and cause mold to grow on the walls - make it easy to eliminate this problem with an upgrade like this.

Create a Social Space Outside

A small time upgrade but possibly the most fun one! Laying some patio or decking, preparing the ground underneath, and designing a fun sitting/entertaining area on top is always super enjoyable, especially when you’ve got kids to think about. Get into your garden and picture the space; where best will this social space fit?

If you’ve got a big lawn at your disposal, it won’t be hard to section off a corner. But if you’ve only got a small garden that maybe has levels to it, putting the patio/decking at the bottom of the garden to keep the worst of the summer sun away will work best.

Upgrading a home after you’ve just bought it is a great idea for the future. It helps to lengthen the longevity of your property, and helps you get all that work out of the way before you truly settle in. Of course, complete renovations as you see fit, but keep the areas above in mind as you make your plan.