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Top shades of red hair to try in 2023

If you are looking to switch your hair color, social media will ask you to go red. In fact, red is one of the hottest hair trends doing the rounds at the moment.

When done using the right color extending serum, your red head will not only change the way you look but your hair will stay strong and soft always.

So if you are considering becoming a redhead in 2023, here are some stunning shades that you may want to keep an eye on.

Strawberry blonde

Blondes may have all the fun, but these days they are finding it better to elevate into red tones for that strawberry blonde tint.

The tone is a deep peach, but not as bright as copper or orange, thereby making it the best in-between shade.

Dark copper shade

Dark copper is one of the most natural looking shades of red hair and a wonderful choice for those looking for simplicity and a natural approach. For a sumptuous stylish twist, incorporate some curls into the dark copper hair.

Spicy cinnamon

To create a trendy and glamorous hairstyle, incorporate soft-toned highlights into gentle curls for a super chocolate and cinnamon balayage.

Raspberry red tips

Raspberry is one of the trendiest hair shades to try in 2023 if you are up to a bit of experimenting.  Adopting this style with shoulder length or long hair will give the hair a fresh and modern look.

Dark auburn red hair

Get that million dollar feel with a deep rich and luminous shade of dark red hair.This blend of tones of red wine will impart a warm and captivating allure, while the loose waves will show off the hair to its advantage.

Neon red ombre hair

The neon red ombre will endow your hair with a unique multi-colored gradient with increasing brightness that finally culminates into pink tips.

Ginger red hair

Ginger is one of the classic shades of red hair that is an exciting option for those women who ooze with confidence.This glitzy pumpkin spice type coloring is super hot for the colder months.

Crimson and copper hair

This flamboyant blend of copper and crimson will leave the onlookers literally green with envy. Luckily, this amazing mix of colors is very easy to replicate, simply by dyeing the strands any dark red shade of your choice like cinnamon, cherry red or crimson and spicing it up with strawberry blonde or copper highlights.

Burnt orange and chestnut red hair

If you are tired of your dark hair color look try highlighting some of the strands with a lively hue of burnt orange,i n order to spice up the basic brunette or dark hair shade.This double tone red hair will not only make you look ravishing, but is also easy to maintain as well. Moreover, it will deliver a new dimension to your hair and give you the refreshing new look you have been craving for since ages.