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The Best Ways to Preserve Memories with Your Furry Friends

Pets are some of the important things in people’s lives, and losing one can feel like losing a big part of yourself. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do to prevent the passing of our furry companions, but we can learn to cope with the loss and preserve their memories while they're still alive.

Things like taking photos, keeping all their stuff, and sometimes going to their favorite places by yourself are all ways you can remember your pet after they’re gone, but if you want to know more, keep reading.

Make a Custom Painting

If you have a childhood pet that went away earlier than you’d hoped, you can preserve their memory by having them painted with your current self in a portrait. Every time you miss them, all you need to do is look at the painting to feel like they’re still with you.

If you somehow lost their photos or if you don’t have too many, you can hire an artist to take the photo and then paint you one that’s clearer. This kind of thing used to cost an arm and a leg, but services like Instapainting are changing the game when it comes to custom portraits. You can hire an artist through their website and have the painting in the size, art style, and medium of your choice delivered to your doorstep.


Bury Them Close by

When your pet dies, bury them in the family garden or keep the ashes in their favorite place. You can have a little statue or a gravestone commemorating their loss, and spend time there when you’re sad. Days like their birthdays and the day you first met can be tough, but knowing that they’re close by can help you cope with the loss.

Social Media Account

Make sure you record them at their goofiest and when they’re around you. Some people even have social media accounts for their pets that they frequently update - this is a great way to keep a running journal of your pet’s life, and always have something that you can turn to.

Social media accounts are smart because they’re easy to access and are nearly never lost, plus there are always ways to recover them if you lose the sign in information. Even if you can’t sign in, you will still have access to the photos if you simply follow the account.

Repurpose Old Toys and Other Items

Things like their favorite toys and their collars and blankets can be turned into memorabilia that you can keep on you to remember them. You can turn the tag on their collar into a keychain to put on your backpack or keep your keys on them, for example.

Their favorite toy can be saved and put on a shelf in your bedroom, and you can keep most of their stuff close by to remember them with.

Donate In Their Honor

This is perhaps one of the most meaningful ways to remember your late pet. Set up a charity in their name, adopt other animals and rescue or foster them as much as you can to honor your pet. This way you can make sure that every animal you can help has a shot at getting a life as good as the one your pet did.

Even if you get another pet, don’t feel guilty. Everyone has a unique place in your heart, and your new pet is not there to replace your old one.