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How To Have a Safe Halloween + Printables

Photo from: Unsplashed by Haley Phelps

Spooky ghosts and monsters run amok every Halloween, so it’s important to ensure you, your children, and trick-or-treating visitors have a safe celebration. Whether you are hosting or ghosting this year, use these Halloween safety tips and fun printables to stay safe.

1. Make Your Property Look Occupied

If you plan to take your kids to a local Halloween event or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, it may seem like a good idea to turn off the lights to deter other trick-or-treaters. However, it’s not a good idea to make your property look unoccupied.

If you won’t be home to pass out candy, use this printable candy sign to leave out next to a big bowl of candy to welcome trick-or-treaters to take one or two pieces of candy.

2. Offer Goodie Bags To Avoid Germ-Filled Bowls

If you are looking to make trick-or-treating more COVID-friendly, use pre-packed goodie bags instead of a giant bowl. This way, you can avoid having all those little hands digging through the candies which can be very unsanitary. Use these printable treat labels to attach to a small goodie bag filled with candy or other treats.

3. Check For Hazards on Your Property

With sugar-crazed children in cumbersome costumes running around, it’s important to avoid potential mishaps, like tripping in any holes or cracks in your lawn or pathway leading up to the front door.

Before the night of Halloween, make sure to fix or clearly mark any holes or cracks on your property. To help, use these Halloween-themed printable signs to mark any uneven ground, steep steps, or unauthorized areas for extra precaution.

4. Opt For a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve decided to continue social distancing this year or live in a rural area with limited neighbors, use this Halloween scavenger hunt activity for your kids. This activity is super fun to play while watching some of their favorite Halloween movies or while driving around the neighborhood.

5. Start a You’ve Been BOOed Activity

No one does social distancing better than a ghost that leaves a bag of candy at your door without a trace. Start a game of “You’ve Been BOOed” by leaving a bag of candy at one of your neighbor’s doors along with these printable signs. Then, it’s up to your neighbor to put together a candy package and “Boo” someone else in your neighborhood to continue the game.

This is a great way to get the community in the spooky spirit and spread some fun around the neighborhood that’ll make for a great tradition for years to come.

Spooky season is upon us, so use these printable activities and safety tips to make sure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.