How and Why to Support Your Local Businesses This Year

by - January 21, 2021

It’s the new year. One that many of us have been counting down the days to see. But, this last year may have taught you and your loved ones a lot of lessons. One being, the value of supporting your local community. Whether that being shopping local, reaching out to those you haven’t kept in contact with, or helping out those that need it most. Needless to say, it may have been an odd year compared to others, but it realigned focuses back to our community.

As we all started to support more local businesses, it may not have been something we’re used to — but a great feeling. You may feel excited to meet your local creators, support them, and try out their products they crafted perfectly. Whether your purchases were for others during the holidays, to fill your fridge, or to pick up a few necessities, it always warms your heart when you know your money is going to something important to you.

When you buy local, the majority of that money stays local. When you spend money outside of your community, it most likely won’t come back to your community easily. To easily shop local more often and with your family, we created a few printables. Download our small business shopping list to ensure you get everything you need (within budget), and color in our coloring sheet to design your own small business.

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