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Best Maternity Dresses on a Budget for Pregnancy Photography

Hi Mamas!

If you're like me, looking to get a decent outfit for your maternity shoot without burning a hole in your pocket, you've come to the right place!

I wanted to find the best (and cheapest) dresses I could afford while remaining within my budget, and was able to do just that on Amazon!  While they have a wide selection of maternity dresses and accessories for photo shoots, the price also ranged quite a bit.  I did some hunting before coming across a couple of dresses and flower crowns that I just absolutely loved.  And get this -- they're perfect for any pregnant Mama to simply feel like a princess for a day!  Not only are these gowns ideal for photography shoots, they're also perfect as baby shower dresses.

Dresses for under $30!!

What a bargain, especially when maternity sites (such as PinkBlush) sell photoshoot gowns starting at $75, with similar styles to what I purchased ranging from $95-110.

I also felt that a flower crown would be a nice touch to the outfit without breaking the bank, so I purchased a white one to match the white dress, and a pink one to go with the pink dress.

Since COVID-19 has us all sheltering in place, my husband helped me take pictures and joined in for a few too!  Below are a few photos for each of the simple outfits that I put together, with some of my comments about the products.  Overall, the quality of the dresses and crowns exceeded my expectations, so I was very happy with my purchase!

Maternity Photos

Pink Lace Dress and Flower Crown

I fell in love with the romantic look of this dress!  I actually adored it so much that I got it in two colors, with this first one being "Pink Carnation."  This style features a sweetheart top, off-shoulder short-sleeve ruffle, and soft lacy knit fabric that gently drapes over your baby bump.  The handmade flower crown was a perfect accompaniment with the dress, and I got it in the "A-12 Pink" color.

The dress itself was comfortable to wear, though I'm so short that there was just tons of material and fabric puddled around my feet.  Since I took my photos indoors, it wasn't an issue, but I can see this being a problem for ladies on the petite side who might be dragging this dress along outdoors.  My guess is that the excess, draping fabric will be quite adept at collecting whatever's on the ground, so that's something to be cautious about!  Aside from the length, this dress is an utter dream! 

I think it pairs beautifully with the flower crown, which looks natural and organic with different shades of pink roses. The flower garland is made out of handmade silk flowers, but it looks realistic with the same soft and velvety texture.  I quite prefer this over real flowers because I'm actually allergic to pollen!  This can also be worn and kept for much longer without disintegrating too, so I appreciate that I can wear it for other special occasions in the future!

White Lace Dress

Now, this is the same style of dress as the one above, with the only difference being the color!  Since I loved the pink dress so much, I got it in white as well.

It really gives off a different feel, don't you think?  The white gives off a bridal vibe, so I can see this being a great choice as a pregnant Mama's wedding dress! 

White Chiffon Split-Front Dress and Flower Crown

My third dress is another maxi dress, though the style is quite different! It's a split-front dress that shows off the baby bump, though there's also the option to use the fabric to cover up as well, if you choose to do so!  The sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder style are also super lovely.  I paired it with a flower crown

The dress is so flowy and soft on the skin!  I love that it can be worn open or closed in the front, and it's super comfortable as there's no pressure or tightness on the belly at all.  I'd say this dress is probably more suitable for indoor pregnancy photography if you're more on the modest side, though it'll look amazing outdoors too, especially during summer season!  I can see it looking elegant and breathtaking at the beach or by the sea.

And... here are a few last photos of my shy husby and myself! 

(Yes, I was tip-toeing, especially in that middle photo!  He's very tall!)

Anyhow, since I was 34 weeks along when I took these latter photos, I thought I'd share with you my 34-week vlog and pregnancy update!  Take a look below if you'd like to know the name we decided on for our baby girl, findings from our 3D/4D ultrasound visit, and more!

Maternity photography has become wildly popular. Usually, it's done in the latter stages of the pregnancy for maximum visual effect. More and more, women are looking to capture this special moment in their lives. Here's another excellent resource to read on maternity photography.

Fellow Mamas, I hope that you find this post to have helpful information! Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your pregnancy journey!

Warmest wishes,