How to Crochet: Chainless Foundation DC [Video Tutorial]

by - April 30, 2018

A chainless foundation, such as the chainless foundation double crochet, is an alternative to creating a foundation chain.  This technique creates your stitch and chain at the same time!  It produces a foundation row that is sized similarly to a regular row.  Because this method eliminates the chain altogether, it's like a "shortcut" strategy that also makes your foundation row and the rest of the rows and stitches in your project more evenly aligned.  Another benefit of this technique is that it helps to maintain even tension from the very first stitch to the last.

(Note: Click here to learn the half double crochet version!)

This type of stitch is ideal for projects with a long foundation row and brings a great-looking finish when compared to the traditional foundation chain!

Please take a look at the video tutorial below to learn how to do this technique!  I break down the steps and walk through it with a few repetitions, so that it's hopefully easy to understand and master.  After you learn it, you won't be going back to making foundation chains any longer! ;)

Hope this video is helpful to you!

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Happy crafting!

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