CAL: Christmas Angel [Complete!]

by - August 12, 2017

Submissions from the Christmas Angel CAL, 7/24 - 8/8

I am so overjoyed to share that Sweet Softies' very first CAL, featuring the Christmas Angel, has been an absolute pleasure and fun experience!!  A special thank you goes out to all participants, and for those who sent me photos of their finished angels!

This has been a really wonderful opportunity for me to get to know some of you and your work!  I love "meeting" and building friendships with other crocheters.  I'm always astonished by the creativity of this talented bunch.  Through this CAL, I'd also like to mention...

No two angels are the same!  

Everyone has added their own, unique flair and finishing touch(es) to their angel!  Whether it's with different colors, stitches and outfit design, hairstyle, finishing embellishments, or more, it's always so amazing to see what everyone comes up with.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to more CALs in the future! :)


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