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Bunnies in Dresses Pattern Test [Complete!]

Dear lovely crocheters,

I'm so happy to announce the completion of Sweet Softies' second pattern test: the Bunnies in Dresses design [click here for the pattern link]!  Hooray!  Big cheers for my hard-working testers!!

I'm delighted to present to you their sweet and adorable "bunlets", in no particular order!  At the end of the list, I will announce two projects crowned as the "Sweetest Sweet Softies" for this test!  (Normally, there would be one award, but I'm having two due to yet another large round-up of testers!)

Without further ado, here they are!

Artist: Cherie
Ravelry: Cheriecrafts

Artist: Preetha
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Preety-Expressions-868290299973266/
Ravelry: CrochetPreetha
Instagram: Preety_preetha

Artist: Yulistiani
Ravelry: elfarran
Instagram: elfarran_theyarnelf

Artist: Tammy
Ravelry: Tammarie8784

Artist: Susan

Instagram: emmysamis

Artist: Chelsea
Ravelry: cmurphy2392
Instagram: cmurphs2392

Artist: Simone
Facebook: www.facebook.com/the.crochet.den
Instagram: crochet_den

Artist: Shay
Website: www.fiberfriends.net
Instagram: shaysharons

Artist: Ryan
Instagram: Ryan_smith1991

Artist: Deepali
Ravelry: cmurphy2392
Instagram: cmurphs2392

Artist: Maureen
Ravelry: emmess53

Artist: Maria

Artist: Tzsarsha
Facebook: Tzsh's Craft Design
Ravelry: Tzsarsha

Artist: Anitha
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NandusCraftHouse/
Instagram: nanduscrafthouse

And now, the two "Sweetest Sweet Softies" title goes to...

Susan and Yulistiani!  馃帀

Susan is an incredibly detail-oriented artist!  She is such a pleasure to work with and has not only caught a TREMENDOUS amount of careless errors and typos in my pattern, but also made great suggestions for improvement!!  What would I do without her?!  On top of that, Susan's work is always so neat and beautiful.  I love how clean her stitches look, and it was super creative of her to play around with the yarn colors and change colors for the lacy part of the bunnies' dresses!  I also adore the necklace that she made for each of her bunnies.  Beautiful work, and I'm so grateful for all your help, Susan!!
(For more of Susan's work, check out her Instagram @emmysamis!)

Yulistiani has also been an absolute pleasure to work with and has made good suggestions for improving the written flow of my pattern!  Her finished objects always look fabulous and her adorable bunnies are no exception!  I'm in awe of how professional Yulistiani's photos look as well; very crisp, with such beautiful lighting.  I'm a big fan of your work, Yulistiani!
(For more of Yulistiani's work, check out her Instagram @elfarran_theyarnelf!)

Some final comments...

I'm absolutely floored by the creativity and talent that my testers have.  It's always amazing to see the variations, special touches, and unique finishes each crocheter brings when crafting from my design.  No-bunny (excuse the lame pun again...) is the same, and each has such personality and character! This is the beauty of handcrafting, and not something that can be mass-produced!

Again, like my last test, this has been an amazing, personal experience for me as a pattern designer once again.  I love having the opportunity to interact and forge friendships with talented crocheters from around the world.  I have testers from across the United States, Canada, India, East Asia, and more!  What a pleasure!

I wish to close this off by thanking all my testers dearly for their hard work, efforts, and friendship.  It's because of wonderful people like you that I'm able to find even more joy in crocheting and designing!

With much love,

P.S. For those of you who are interested in the Bunnies in Dresses CAL (8/24/17 - 9/7/17), please click here for information!  Take advantage of the limited-time, 40% off CAL discount by purchasing the pattern through Craftsy by 8/31/17!