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Dubai: Your Gateway to Property Investments in Arjan and Unforgettable Travel Adventures

The Arjan community is part of the Dubailand in Dubai. The place is built according to the "city within a city" concept, so you need everything for a comfy life. The infrastructure is well-developed: stores, cafes, kindergartens, and academies. There is no active traffic on the streets and a generally calm atmosphere. The location is chosen by families and people who want to live away from the dynamic city center.

The growth of the Arjan area began in 2006 with the participation of several developers. Low-rise residential complexes with private and multi-apartment and commercial buildings dominate the territory. The objects are designed in a contemporary architectural design and perfectly harmonious with the numerous green areas. Due to the quantity of herbage, the area is considered environmentally friendly to buy apartments for sale in Arjan.

Famous buildings in the area

Many residential complexes have been built on the territory of the Arjan community. Here are a few completed projects that are particularly popular:

  • Lincoln Park. This is a complex of low-rise constructions in a style most closely resembles the traditional Chicago facilities. Here you can purchase or rent a studio flat with 1-3 bedrooms;
  • Meraki Genesis. This 11-storey residential complex presents studios and luxury flats with 1-2 bedrooms and trendy interiors. The complex combines stylish modern architecture and maximum amenities for a comfortable stay;
  • green diamond. It has two 8-storey towers, which house flats with 2-3 bedrooms;
  • Platinum One. Nine-story residential building in the style of New York development suggests luxurious residences. The house has a state-of-the-art fitness center, a rooftop infinity pool, and other luxuries.

Places of cultural recreation

Tourists can find numerous places to visit here. There are no museums in the Arjan area. But very close, in the neighboring community, several cultural sites may interest tourists. One is the Masjed JVC mosque, with amazingly stunning and unique architecture.

On the territory of Arjan, there is the Dubai Miracle Garden, recognized all over Dubai. This is the largest flower garden in the world: the park covers an area of 72,000 m². In this park, you can see flower arrangements and unique structures decorated with various flowers. The main interest of Dubai Miracle Garden is the reproductions of well-known buildings made of flowers. Many castles and cottages are life-sized. In total, more than 50 million plants have been planted here. The scale and ideas of the created expositions and the heart-shaped arch on the Alley of Love attract tourists.

Another popular object of the Arjan neighborhood is the Butterfly Garden. The Butterfly Garden is discovered on the territory of Miracle Garden and is considered the largest in the UAE. More than 15,000 species of butterflies live here. The park has nine crowns with a total area of 2,600 m²: inside, they create an ideal environment for the life of insects. In the Butterfly Garden, you can watch thousands of colorful butterflies fly, see the transformation process of a caterpillar, and learn interesting facts about winged insects.

Other activities in the area

Almost near the border of the Arjan district, in Motor City, is the Dubai Autodrome. Superbike ethnicities and different automobile occasions are regularly maintained at the autodrome. You can even go karting here.

Arjan is also close to Dubai International Stadium. It can be reached in about 9 min by car. The road to the Arabian Ranches Golf Club takes the same time. There is an 18-hole golf course on its landscaped settings. A Ranches Restaurant, conference rooms, and an outdoor area for celebrating weddings also exist.

In 15 min by car, you can get to the nearest shores of Dubai, located next to the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. One of them is Al Sufouh beach, which offers a beautiful sight of Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.

Citizens of the Arjan neighborhood can easily maintain the health and beauty of the body in gyms: there are quite a lot of them in the residential complexes of the area.

Arjan district as a place to live

Arjan is suitable for both comfortable living and business development. The community is one of the most prestigious, and it has a good infrastructure, a wide range of real estate, and office buildings. The area is developing rapidly and continues to be built up with new houses. Thanks to the presence of schools and medical institutions, the abundance of greenery is comfortable for families with children.

Advantages of living in the Arjan area:

  • many green areas. There are two parks on the community's territory - the Garden of Miracles and the Garden of Butterflies, and in general, the area is green and environmentally friendly. This is a good solution for a couple with a child;
  • educational infrastructure. There are several schools in the area. There is a wider choice of educational institutions in neighboring communities;
  • good transport links. From the area, it is easy to get anywhere in Dubai. The community is adjacent to the main thoroughfare, connecting Dubailand with other parts of the city;
  • the proximity of the beaches. In 15 minutes by car, you can reach the coast, Palm Jumeirah, and popular beaches;
  • low-rise building. Arjan doesn't have the anthill feel of Dubai's central and business districts, where many skyscrapers have been built. A calm atmosphere reigns here, and there is no noise and a large number of tourists;
  • affordable housing prices. A key feature of the area is favorable prices for purchasing and renting real estate. This is a good solution for young couples and families on a small budget.

What to pay attention to when selecting the area as a place to live

Arjan is a promising area of Dubai with real estate. According to Emirates.Estate a wide range of housing is available here: apartments, townhouses, and villas. The necessary infrastructure is in the immediate vicinity of the residential complexes.

Arjan offers a peaceful and serene life away from the rush of central Dubai. This is a good option for those who love silence and want to raise a child in an atmosphere of stability and predictability.

The area is well planned: many open spaces, pedestrian alleys, and green areas are on the territory. You should consider this community if an important value is an environmental component.

The Arjan community has good transport accessibility, but preparing for possible traffic jams during peak hours is important. This is important for those who plan to live in Arjan and travel to work in the center of the emirate. The public transport system is still modestly presented but continues to expand.

Young families and novice experts often pay attention to Arjan. The principal cause is that properties in the area are various and fairly inexpensive to purchase and rent.


Dubai is a city that offers the perfect blend of urban living and natural beauty. It is a city that has something for everyone – from stunning beaches to modern architecture, from world-class shopping destinations to delicious food, and from rich culture to unforgettable travel adventures. If you are looking for a lucrative investment opportunity, Arjan is the perfect destination. Book your trip to Dubai today and experience the wonders of this amazing city!