9 Fashion Tips for Attending a Wedding

by - August 25, 2023

Did you recently get invited to a wedding? Lots of people tend to wait till the last minute to get a wedding outfit, but well-planned prep can help you look amazing. Now, the only issue is figuring out what to wear.

Seems like a tall order, right? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Let's take a look at some of the top fashion tips for attending a wedding. Read on and take a look at this guide to ensure you'll have a great time on this special occasion. Let's get started!

1. Respect the Dress Code of the Wedding

If the invitation states that it is a black-tie event, then you should dress accordingly. Men should wear a tuxedo, and women should wear an elegant dress or gown.

If it is casual or semi-formal, then men should wear khakis or dress pants, a dress shirt, and a nice coat or blazer. Women could go for a skirt, shorts, or pants paired with a nice top. Additionally, be sure not to wear a white dress to a wedding, as that is usually reserved for the bride.

Unfamiliar cultural norms may also influence what to wear as certain colors and fabrics can have racial significance. If you are uncertain, ask the bride or groom for help to know what is appropriate for the event. This will show your respect for their standards for their special day.

2. Don't Forget to Accessorize

Accessorizing is essential to add style and personality to your outfit. Start by adding statement jewelry pieces such as chandelier earrings or a bold gold necklace. Don’t forget to add a matching bracelet or ring.

Accessorizing is essential to add style and personality to your outfit. Start by adding statement jewelry pieces such as chandelier earrings or an attractive diamond necklace to elevate your look.

They will complete the look and ensure you stand out from the guests around you. When it comes to formal attire, quality jewelry such as diamond studs or a chunky necklace can add a touch of sparkle to any ensemble.

Finally, a casual belt can be used to break up an all-black look or to add a subtle statement to an otherwise bland ensemble.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is essential to having a good time and looking your best. You will be on your feet all night dancing and mingling, so make sure your shoes are supportive and fit correctly.

Women might want to consider wearing wedges or flats to avoid having sore feet. In addition, long dresses can be used to cover up an ugly pair of shoes. Heels might look great, but they can be quite uncomfortable so try to stick with a smaller heel size.

Moreover, leather-soled shoes can help you keep your balance on the dance floor and are less likely to wear your feet out. For men, a nice pair of loafers or dress shoes will look sharp and stay comfortable all night.

4. Don't Feel Limited to Neutrals

While traditional neutrals, such as a classic navy suit or a little black dress, are always great choices, don’t feel limited to them. Shown here are Jovani wedding guest dresses in tones of peach and pink which will make you look as good as the bride herself! You might also want to step outside the box with a pattern such as stripes, houndstooth, or a floral print.

5. Think Ahead When It Comes to Your Hemline

Thinking ahead when it comes to your hemline will ensure that you look chic and appropriate. If you're opting for a mid-length skirt, go for something that falls in the middle of the knee. This way you'll be comfortable and still stylish.

For a long dress, aim for something that falls just below the knee. This will help keep you comfortable without sacrificing your fashion. If you must wear a mini dress or skirt, try to choose a length that won't be too revealing.

You should also avoid wearing strapless or maxi dresses to a wedding, as they tend to be too casual.

6. Choose Fabrics That Are Lightweight and Wrinkle-Resistant

Fabrics like cotton-linen blends, silk, or any other airy and breathable fabrics will ensure you don’t overheat and your outfit stays wrinkle-free. If you’re worried about creases, look for a garment bag that has a slight steam feature to help make sure your outfit looks pristine all night.

Lighter fabrics also generally have a more elegant and sophisticated look that will go great at formal occasions like weddings. Having these kinds of fabrics will ensure you'll look your best on that special day.

7. Pick Out a Clutch or Small Purse That'll Match Your Outfit

Choose a clutch or purse that is not too large, as it will be perfect for holding your money, credit cards, lipstick, and other basics that you may need to carry. They should be either neutral or tonally matched to the outfit you are wearing.

If your outfit is brightly colored, choose a clutch that has a subtle metallic sheen, to bring harmony to your overall look. This is one of the top fashion tips for attending a wedding, and you can't go wrong with this simple rule.

8. Go for a Hairstyle That Is Glamorous and Polished

Think effortless curls or a sleek, polished updo. If you're really feeling adventurous, try an accented braid or an elegantly pinned hairstyle. You can also add a hair accessory like a simple clip or headband to create a more glamorous finishing touch.

When choosing a hairstyle, make sure it compliments your outfit, and a face shape that has defined features usually looks best with a complex hairdo. Get creative and go for something alluring to assure that you'll stand out in every wedding picture!

9. Always Choose Comfort Over Style

It is essential to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. For example, choose flats over high heels, regardless of the fashion trend. Heels may complete your outfit, but they won’t make you enjoy a wedding.

Don’t underestimate comfort, because wearing the wrong footwear or outfit could make the night a confusing and uncomfortable experience. Comfort should always come first before style, so don’t be afraid to dress down and still look amazing.

Overall, the most important fashion advice to remember while attending a wedding is to be comfortable in what you wear and have fun! Make sure to consider the location and weather, as well as the couple's style and what would best represent you.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures to commemorate your look and the special day. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now to look your best for the wedding!

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