Enjoy the Joy of Puzzle-solving with Rokr Magic Piano

by - July 26, 2023

Piano Music Box

Have you ever taken on the challenge of a puzzle? Get ready for a new challenge with the ROKR Magic Piano, a 3D wooden puzzle and an exquisite music box! But be prepared, the assembly process might present some significant obstacles. Let's take a closer look at this fascinating music box.

What is it?

The ROKR Magic Piano is a 3D wooden puzzle. When assembled, it is a music box with the appearance of a piano.

Notably, it's a self-playing music box, and you can see the piano keys move up and down as the music plays.

What's in the box?

When you open the box containing this 3D wooden puzzle, you will find all the necessary items to construct the Magic Piano, including a stack of thin wooden sheets, various assembly parts (screws, washers), an instruction manual, and some tools – totaling over 200 pieces.

Design and Features

This Magic Piano mainly consists of wood, which means you need to carefully punch all the pre-cut pieces out of these wooden sheets and assemble them in order.

Luckily, the pieces on these thin sheets are laser-cut, making it easy to punch them out from these sheets.

Each part is numbered on wooden sheets for easy reference as shown below.


I found this to be a challenging 3D wooden puzzle, with the manufacturer claiming an average build time of 4.5 hours. However, I've spent 6 hours (or more) and am only halfway there.

Why does it take longer?

The complexity lies mainly in the abundance of tiny wooden parts, which can be delicate and require careful handling.

Moreover, the instructions can be quite detailed, and you may find yourself frequently referring back to them.

Thus, you need a lot of patience and a slower pace to ensure correct assembly.

I spent a lot of time building this puzzle, and I recommend carefully reading through the instructions before starting and understanding the order of assembly.

Refer to the steps in the manual to take out the parts systematically and avoid rushing to remove all the pieces at once.

For me, the ROKR Magic Piano is a great 3D wooden puzzle that fulfills my desire for complexity, although it was a tremendous challenge. However, I wouldn't recommend it to individuals with visual impairments or beginners.

What I Like

  • Beautiful, detailed components
  • It's a challenge if you're up for complex puzzles.

What You'll Get

  • Fine motor skills training
  • An immersive puzzle-solving journey
  • A sense of accomplishment upon completing the challenge
  • A beautiful music box


I love this ROKR Magic Piano music box, with its exquisite piano appearance and wonderful music. I am proud to have completed it, as it was a significant challenge for me. Well, I think it is worth paying $45 for it. If You're up for the challenge, ask yourself if you have the patience and courage to tackle it.

Price: $44.99

Where to buy: Robotime

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