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The best outdoor excursions begin in Alaska with these applications

Are you a nature lover? An adventure enthusiast who loves treks and the highest mountain ranges? Well, Alaska will not disappoint you.

The breathtaking state of beautiful nature, its icebergs, and its parks are truly fascinating. Alaska, often known as “The Last Frontier’ offers mesmerizing experiences. The thrilling outdoor activities, profound nature, and amazing dance of the Northern Lights make it captivating.

The diversified landscape of Alaska is home to Denali National Park where one can explore a wide array of wildlife wilderness, including moose and grizzly bears. For some thrill, one can even enjoy the hike. You can also enjoy the Kenai Fjords National Park to witness beautiful wildlife cruises or enjoy a boat tour at the Glacier National Park.

With picturesque nature parks, Alaska even offers a plethora of urban amenities and places rich with history, culture, and adventure driving through the cityscapes. Plus, while in Alaska, you can even take a ferry ride from the Inside Passage and enjoy the coastal beauty.

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Have fun in Alaska with these top applications

Alaska 511

With Alaska 511, you can understand road congestion and traffic condition that also covers the highways. The intriguing and user-friendly interface of the application makes it simpler to use, even for first-time users. With active internet from Holafly, you can enable your GPS and seek information about the route from your current location.

The application provides real-time updates, camera images of roadways, any areas of construction or hazard, and a zoom-enabled map that enables you to check the clickable traffic icons. So, before you hit the roads of Alaska, you must download the application and keep it handy for your travel.


Alaska App

If you plan to know about Alaska’s hotels, shopping areas, and nightlife adventures, then this application can be your one-stop solution. Additionally, the app provides details about unscathed glaciers, scenic spots, and ghost towns. It also gives you information about the best wildlife viewing areas you can record from a distance.

Plus, travelers have the opportunity to view sights virtually even before visiting them. With aerial views of mountains and valleys, the app makes your trip more thrilling.


Scenic Map

If you have decided to climb the hikes, then Scenic Map can be your best buddy. The application provides a 3D topographic map view of the state with a closer view of the trails. Available for iPhone or iPad users, you will feel like you are part of a flight simulator while using the application.

The applications ensure you with all updated information. Plus, as an added advantage you can change the light direction and season to match with your timing and location and even turn on the GPS to provide location details.


Aurora Forecast

If you are visiting Alaska, you cannot miss to experience the magical Northern Lights. The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis are captivating colored lights that are made with charged particles (protons and electrons) mix with the gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The beautiful dancing waves of light are fascinating and souls satisfying.

But how can you be sure of their appearance? Well, install the Aurora Forecast app and get notified about the show. The update will help you plan the trip accordingly and witness the magic.