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3 Benefits to Getting Pregnancy Shoes

When you can’t see your feet, how do you put on shoes? As it turns out, this is a major problem for pregnant women everywhere, and that is just part of it. Besides carrying a developing human being inside of you, it would be really nice if you could easily put on your shoes.

That may not seem like a big need, but the last thing an expecting mother wants to deal with is bending over, or squishing her baby bump to put on comfortable shoes she needs. And in truth, putting on your shoes when your pregnant is exhausting. That is energy better saved for more important things.

A pair of hands free, stylish pregnancy shoes could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to the company Kizik, there are three benefits a pregnancy shoe will give you that are long overdue pregnant moms.

Goodbye Squished Heel

It has happened to us all – we are rushing out the door and we shove our feet into our sneakers (which are still tied because that’s how we left them), and we squish the heel. We go off limping trying to shove our heel further into the shoe to straighten it out. Inevitably we need to bend over and fix it. Imagine trying to do that when you are pregnant!

Eventually, this type of use bend and destroys the heel of your sneaker. It’s no longer comfortable so you have to throw it out. And if you’re a pregnant woman, you wouldn’t be able to wear these at all!

What a pregnant mother needs is a hands free sneaker, one that you can easily slide on and off while remaining standing straight up. The pregnancy shoe developed by Kizik has a solution. Their patented, collapsible cage technology provides the convenience of a hands free slip-on but the full support of a sneaker.

One of the benefits of Kizik is that you can finally kiss squished heels goodbye! A hands free shoe prevents squeezing that baby bump trying to fix a smooshed down heel.

Kick Complicated to the Curb

Time goes fast when you’re preparing to be a new mom (or mom, again), and several things that used to be “easy” become complicated and time consuming when pregnant. A few minutes to put on a pair of shoes may not seem like a big thing in comparison with everything we do in our day. Struggling with something or having to twist your body uncomfortably while pregnant does more than take away your precious time – it also takes away energy!

That type of effort should be saved for more important life tasks, not putting on your shoes. One user of Kizik pregnancy shoes said that trying to put on her shoes before was “exhausting.” Who wants to be tired after putting on their shoes?

The need for an easy way to simply and safely slide on a sneaker does not end after your pregnancy does. As a new mom your schedule will be more hectic than ever, meaning you will need every minute you have, and that time should not be spent on putting on your shoes. (Pregnant or not).

Style at Every Phase

Before you were an expected mother, you were you (and you still are). You still want to look and feel like your best possible self during and even after your pregnancy. A stylish and trendy slide on sneaker can supply a dependable sneaker with style at every phase of your life: before, during, and after pregnancy.

A common issue with pregnancy products like shoes and clothes, is that most of the time they only work for the duration of the pregnancy. Preparing for a new addition to the home is difficult, and expensive. It is important that a pregnant mom can utilize an important purchase such as shoes longer than just a few months.

Mothers who tried hands free pregnancy shoes like the ones made by Kizik, spoke to enjoying them long after their babies arrived. The need for a stylish shoe that doesn’t scream “pregnancy shoes” will still be there even when the kids are grown!

Kizik slide on sneakers come in over 30 styles and colors, which allow your style to stay on trend before, during, and after your pregnancy. In addition, each shoe undergoes a rigorous 100K compression tests to ensure each pair is of the highest quality and durability. At least having a great pair of sneakers and completing your outfit will make pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) life a little easier.

As an expecting mother, you need comfort, convenience, and to feel like your stylish self at all times. With a pregnancy shoe like the ones made by Kizik, you can relax and know that your footwear problems are solved.